Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers: what do they do?

In an increasingly digital society, the web has become an important profit vehicle for companies focused on developing their online presence. In order to assist companies with this task, various new roles have been devised, such as that of the Digital Marketing Manager, who is responsible for developing and designing a strategy to promote brands and products online.

In order to fulfil their professional duties, Digital Marketing Managers must be able to use different tactics in the field, and working on social media, web data analysis, email marketing campaigns and content optimisation for search engines are just some of the prerogatives of this role.

Digital marketing also involves a variety of individual roles to do with specific web tools, such as SEO Specialists, SEO Managers and Digital Content Creators. These roles are increasingly in demand among companies embracing technology and hoping to optimise business performance.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

A Digital Marketing Manager must be creative and possess precise analytical skills. Thinking of viral social media campaigns isn’t enough, they also need to respond to customer demands. With their duties including:

  • devising and planning content marketing activities
  • managing corporate social media channels
  • designing email marketing and mobile marketing campaigns
  • designing a digital marketing strategy
  • processing reports and presentations to be shared with the client
  • monitoring all aspects of the plan once implemented
  • optimising strategies in order to achieve better results

The digital world is crying out for content: whether it’s in text, video, audio or photographic format, it doesn’t matter. Content is indispensable for online brands, which is why it’s essential to choose the best social media channel for the job, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The most appropriate platform tends to depend on the customer and the results to be achieved. That’s why it’s necessary to devise and develop a variety of content for desktop and mobile devices, which can be sent to consumers via email or messaging services. The possibilities are endless when it comes to one-to-one relationships with customers, and a good Digital Marketing Manager needs to be able to select the most appropriate solution on a case-by-case basis.

Digital Marketing Managers must also keep in touch with customers and explain the progress of the campaigns and the results obtained. They must be able to create a complete strategy in order to promote an online presence that is consistent with the company’s work offline, and to communicate the brand to interested parties.

What knowledge does a Digital Marketing Manager need to possess?

Digital marketing experts need to possess a wide range of skills, including a sophisticated knowledge of available media channels and the ability to identify emerging opportunities. They also need to be very creative, so as to provide their clients with innovative and original ideas, which are often the basis for excellent viral campaigns. Digital Marketing Managers must also know how to advertise on social networks, with this sort of knowledge allowing them to exploit social media platforms in order to create a personalised and interested audience for company products. Without wasting the allocated budget.

Web marketing professionals must also know how to think in a rational and objective way. This quality should by no means dampen their creativity – which is also fundamental – but it nevertheless necessary in order to make the most rational and appropriate business choices. Professionals who know how to tackle copy writing and storytelling are also highly appreciated, in order to create innovative and engaging campaigns on social media. A Digital Marketing Manager must also know how to listen and be able to meet the needs of the client without imposing too much. They must also be able to perform basic photo and video editing tasks in order to satisfy their clients’ requests.

How do I become a Digital Marketing Manager?

There are many ways to become a Digital Marketing Manager. You don’t need a specialised degree to get into this profession – although a qualification in Communications or Economics & Marketing will certainly put you at an advantage – all you need is great creativity, curiosity and a desire to learn. The role is highly sought-after at modern companies, with various different courses and master’s degrees out there offering comprehensive training programmes to young fans of the digital world.

What is a Digital Marketing Manager’s average salary?

In-house Digital Marketing Managers can earn a lot of money. The average salary is around €48,000 a year, while truly experienced professionals can expect to earn as much as €80,000. Obviously, the figures vary depending on the company, its size, the employee’s duties and experience, but it is nevertheless a job that is in high in demand and therefore well paid. It’s also a profession that can often be freelanced, allowing for greater flexibility when managing working hours.

How will the New Media and Marketing Communication Master’s Degree at BBS help me to become a Digital Marketing Manager?

Bologna Business School has devised a Master’s Degree in New Media and Marketing Communication aimed at people eager to get stuck into the world of digital marketing. Our international team of teachers are some of the most qualified professionals in Italy and can teach students how to juggle all areas of communication, both online and offline. Not only that: participants will also come to understand how to communicate with companies and manage individual customers, creating campaigns that meet their goals and needs.

The MA in New Media and Communication Marketing gives a detailed knowledge of the digital world and the creative aspects of communication. It also offers students analytical marketing tools, useful for learning how to monitor the success of their digital strategies and to optimise them accordingly.

Finally, Bologna Business School also offers a short course in Social Media Management and Web Analytics, during which students will deepen their knowledge of various social networks and their potential for companies.