“Digital Humanism. Humanist Entrepreneurs”

7 July 2021

The in-depth analysis activity, desired by the BBS Alumni Association, which places a humanistic approach to Digital Transformation at its core, continues. After “Boosting Sales Management” it’s now time for a series of meetings on entrepreneurship. The cycle, which will end in July, is open to all members of the BBs Community. 

“Digital Humanism. Humanist Entrepreneurs” is a laboratory of exchange, sharing and mutual enhancement that is part of the activities proposed and sponsored by the BBS Alumni Association. 

The concept of digital Humanism refers to a cross-cutting experience that is offering a new, broader dimension, a blending of information and insights related to the profound managerial and cultural changes accompanying Digital Transformation. A journey of exchange with managers, consultants and entrepreneurs who proposed and implemented paradigm shifts on a humanistic, cultural and spiritual level for managers of the digital era.

In the meetings already held, participants met:

Andrea Granelli, former CEO of TIN.IT and president of the Association Historical Olivetti Archives, spoke about the impact of the digital world, which has improved business processes over the past 30 years and is now instead representing a radical change of business models. Andrea also brought a fresh view of the digital transformation to implement a more efficient approach through critical thinking, decisiveness in resource selection, and the perspective of “amphibious” managers who can survive in different environments.

The second panel featured the participation of Niccolò Branca, Italian entrepreneur, humanist and writer who, since 1999, has been President and CEO of the Holding of the Group Branca International S.p.A. Niccolò opened wide the doors of the “here and now” to those present, presenting a glimpse of the reality of mindfulness useful for integrating humanistic dimensions within a modern and future-oriented entrepreneurial leadership.

Simona Scarpaleggia was the protagonist of the webinar on June 30th. Appointed by the UN Secretary General Co-Chair of the High Level Panel on women’s economic empowerment, Simona was CEO of IKEA Switzerland from 2010 to 2019. During the meeting she shared the powerful theme of inclusion and accessibility, emphasizing how it is essential to support men and women to managerial and executive positions, eliminating the cultural legacy that requires us to relegate women to a welfare-relational role incompatible with career advancement.

Alice Alessandri, Alec Ross and Maria Grazia Magazzino will accompany participants during the second part of the project starting from Wednesday, July 7th

These will be meetings full of elements that will all contribute to the drafting of a Manifesto written by the participants in the workshop that is taking place simultaneously on the Google Drive platform. The digital environment will be used to collect materials and observations resulting from direct experiences. You can freely contribute to the work and membership can be requested through the “digital transformation” group on the Community.

It is fascinating and challenging to be able to participate in the evolution of digital transformation parameters, especially in order to give a contribution to break down those difficulties and resistances that the process is encountering especially in SMEs. Even more fascinating is being able to do it as BBS Alumni, because we are convinced that supporting research and innovation with the great skills of the network, permeated by external excellence, is the best way to grow together.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. (Henry Ford)


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