Data Scientist: Expert in meaningful extraction and analysis of data

The Data Scientist is an experienced professional in data analysis, using statistical, computer and domain expertise to extract meaningful information. Main responsibilities include collecting and aggregating data from various sources, developing mathematical models and machine learning algorithms, translating complex results into comprehensible dashboards and ensuring data security while complying with privacy regulations.


Data Analyst Consultant: Providing guidance and expert consultancy in the field of data analysis

The Data Analyst Consultant is a specialist in data analysis who advises organisations. His or her responsibilities include the collection, exploration and analysis of data using software such as SQL, Excel, Python, R, the development of interactive reports and dashboards, the identification of improvement opportunities based on analysis, and the constant monitoring of the effectiveness of implemented solutions.


Business Intelligence Manager: Driving business strategy through the optimal use of data

The Business Intelligence Manager specialises in analysing business data to provide strategic information and support business decisions. His responsibilities include extracting and processing data from various sources, designing reports and dashboards with tools such as Tableau and Power BI, effectively presenting results to stakeholders, and monitoring business performance using KPIs and business metrics.