Costanza Carli | Professional Master in Data Marketing and Analytics

15 November 2022

Costanza Carli has chosen to focus on one of the most in-demand professions in Digital Marketing and beyond: Data Analyst. To do so, she attended the Professional Master in Data Marketing and Analytics at BBS and is now doing her internship at Accenture. In this interview, she tells how it went and why the Master’s course made a difference in her training. 

The Master in Data Marketing and Analytics intertwines extensive data study with corporate communication strategy and management. How are these aspects balanced within the course?

The Master’s course follows a structure that is ideally in line with its objective: to provide students with the tools they need to understand and analyse data for marketing purposes. It starts with a focus on the in-depth study of communication and management strategies, which are necessary to understand business needs, and then moves on to a second phase dedicated to data. The balance between the first and second part is the added value of the Master’s degree in Data Marketing & Analytics, capable of providing the proper background knowledge for dealing with data. 

Data analysis today allows in-depth knowledge of customer behaviour and choices. What role do these elements play in your current work? 

In my work, I analyse the behaviour of online users. Then I write analyses based on their behaviour on the web, monitoring their interactions with content to derive specific insights. Knowing and understanding our customers’ behaviour is paramount if we want to create buying experiences or products designed for them.

During your Master’s course, you had the opportunity to interact with high-profile managers from international companies. How influential was the corporate practice component in your BBS course?

To prepare effectively for entry into the world of work, it is crucial to acquire a mix of theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and what could be called business ‘savoir faire’. Conversing with high-profile managers during the Master’s course helped me realise this role’s responsibilities. I also understood how this figure is expected to relate to the various environments and contexts in which he/she is placed. Each meeting was a source of great inspiration for me. 

The Master in Data Marketing and Analytics is strongly linked to new technologies and innovation. How did this component enter your career path?

As a data and technological innovation enthusiast, I found my bread and butter. I attended seminars on the blockchain, workshops (even abroad!) on digital innovation and much more. As far as my work is concerned, what benefits me most is my attitude, inclined to growth and evolution, not disarmed in the face of change. If new tools or methodologies are introduced to perform specific tasks, those with an innovation mindset manage them better. 

Imagine you had to choose three strengths of the Master’s programme to recommend to a future BBS student. What would they be?

Appetitiveness. The Master’s degree in Data Marketing & Analytics offers a high level of training, with a perfect mix of management skills and data analysis, two of the most sought-after and attractive skills on the job market. 

Transversality. This Master’s degree, by its very nature, allows transversal skills to be developed: it is a bridge connecting the world of data to that of marketing. Transversal skills make it possible to create a 360-degree vision, which is very useful in working life (and everyday life).

International value. The Master’s degree in data marketing & analytics is at the forefront for the Italian market and the foreign market. Today, data analysis skills are in demand worldwide by small, medium and large companies. 



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