19 January 2015

On Friday, January 16th, BBS in collaboration with Technology Review Italia organized an important scientific event. Two of the Italian protagonists who led the Rosetta Mission have shared insights from the long journey of Philae: the first spacecraft in human history to land on a comet, with an audience of 400 students, managers and experts.

The Rosetta Mission represents an interesting case of project management, in which Andrea Accomazzo and Paolo Ferri (European Space Agency) have shown passion, courage, and professionalism by overcoming the obstacles they met during the mission.

Alessandro Toso (Head of Research and Development at Dallara Automobili), Maurizio Sobrero (Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Bologna and Alumnus MIT) and Amalia Ercoli Finzi (Principal investigator SDI Rosetta who developed the mathematical model underlying the mission) also participated in the panel discussion.

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