Collegio dei Fondatori of BBS Alumni Association, introducing the new appointments

18 June 2021

There are five new members in the Collegio dei Fondatori of the BBS Alumni Association (Elected Founding Members), appointed under the banner of internationalization, of inclusion, but mostly of diverse cultural backgrounds, as highlighted by Pinar Akbas, President on duty of the Executive Board of the BBS Alumni Association, presenting the candidates on the occasion of the assembly that took place last May 31st. In fact, the candidates – presented and voted in during the virtual meeting of the members, which was held in the presence of the Dean of BBS and Founding Member of the BBS Alumni Association, Max Bergami, and Professor Sara Valentini, Associate Dean for Alumni of the Fondazione BBS – came from the various programs that BBS has carried out over an extended period of time. 

Lucia Chierchia, Giuseppe De Martino, Michele Fazzalari, Massimo Ghedini, Meredith Williford. These are the names of the five newly elected members, whom we present below with a brief statement from each on the occasion of this appointment. 


Lucia Chierchia, Alumna of the Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management V, is Managing Partner at Gellify, the first platform created to connect innovative start-ups and traditional businesses, with which she deals with Open Innovation and the “Industry 4.0” Business Line. 

“We have the opportunity to unleash the power of  BBS Community, a network of talents that can boost innovation through new collaborative models. We can inspire each other on emerging trends, we can support each other to remove barriers, we can come together to build new businesses. It’s a pleasure to be part of this evolution of the BBS family”


Giuseppe De Martino Alumnus of the Executive MBA XV, is Product Improvement Manager for Ferrettigroup. He has many years of experience in the management of Customer Service and After Sales for the goods of the Luxury Yachts market and over 10 years of know-how in the development of the Asia Pacific market.

“In gratitude for this appointment, I consider being a member of this board an honor and a great responsibility towards all current and future Alumni. In this respect, I consider the position as an opportunity to provide the experience gained in various areas, in order to disseminate a climate of continuous and everlasting growth for all members of the community”.


Michele Fazzalari, Alumnus of the Executive MBA XVII, is Managing Director at Dabol, an investment company that deals with the growth of Italian start-ups. He is also a journalist and can count on over 25 years of experience in Sales and Marketing in different market sectors. 

“The motto of my Executive MBA, XVII edition, is we’ll never walk alone. A motto that expresses the spirit that guides us in creating new projects, new opportunities for growth and that fully conveys the solid sense of aggregation that belongs to all BBS Alumni. Being appointed a member of the Collegio dei Fondatori is an honor and a commitment that allows all of us to contribute even more actively to the growth of the Community. The greatest treasure is not in what we continue to learn, but in our connections and our ability to innovate. “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers” (W. Shakespeare – Henry V – Act 4, Scene 3)


Massimo Ghedini, Alumnus of the Executive MBA I, is Vice-president AdSales at Discovery Media, with over thirty years of experience in the world of advertising; he has also been a member of the Advisory Board of Bologna Business School.

“I am honored to have been elected to the Collegio dei Fondatori of BBS, which I saw come into being and of which I was a student of the first EMBA edition and a friend and partner all these years.

It is my intention to demonstrate this closeness in the years to come. Ad maiora!”


Meredith Williford, Participant in the Global MBA in Food and Wine X, works on organizational culture, diversity and inclusion, and social responsibility. Passionate about wine, she is working on the project of a distillery entirely run by women in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

“These are the days for which Community was made. In this time when we’re facing challenges globally, locally, and internally, our collaboration to build strong and lasting ties within the Bologna Business School community is essential.  I’ve seen the power of BBS to bring together great minds from varied backgrounds; minds imbued with future vision. It’s the ultimate calling of an Alumnus to return the value that was afforded by the school and our business school colleagues by identifying ways to bring all of that vision together – for our Alumni, for the school, for our future Alumni, and for school collaborators.  I firmly believe that if we aren’t forwarding that objective, we are missing an opportunity to help out current and future BBS community to thrive. With that in mind, I am humbled to serve as part of the BBS Alumni Association Board of Founders, and to grow together as we take steps toward an exciting future for the business school.”


Congratulations to all of them and best wishes for a successful work on behalf of the whole Community of Bologna Business School.


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