Caviro, when the project work becomes an opportunity on the field

15 April 2020

A (virtual) test for the participants of the Master in Digital Marketing and Communication, who have presented their project work on the products of Caviro, the largest wine cooperative in Italy, born in 1966 in Faenza.
At the center of the activity, the development of a marketing and communication plan for brands such as Tavernello, Botte Buona and Il Geniale, coordinated by the Scientific Directors Roberto Grandi for the aspect related to Corporate Communication and Augusto Valeriani for Storytelling.
“An opportunity to test our skills, but also our creativity – comments Sara Wen Touchette Mcgowan, student of the BBS Master. – Each group had 30 minutes to present their project, which was followed by an interesting session of questions and answers to reflect with the professionals of the company in real cases, under the supervision of our professors. Thanks to this moment of exchange and sharing, we have analyzed our work from a new perspective”.

The projects established months ago on the input of the company were challenging: “the briefs were structured in such a way that key items, such as budgets and objectives, were open to building a marketing plan that is not unique, but structured on different expectations – Sara continues.

“The briefings assigned to the various teams responded to the definition of real needs for positioning on the market, and enhancement of the brand image through corporate social responsibility initiatives. The specialist skills acquired by the class combined with a high level of creativity have aroused a positive interest on the part of Caviro, confirming the importance of initiatives that involve the company as the client of a design “, comments Roberto Grandi, Full Professor of Sociology of the Communication at the University of Bologna, Director of the Master in Digital Marketing and Communication of Bologna Business School and President of Istituzione Bologna Musei.

“It was a great experience and, above all, a unique opportunity to work on our first real project for a large company like Caviro. – adds the student Chiara Perdisa – Having feedback directly from the professionals of such an important company means a lot to our training”.

An opportunity to put into practice what our students have been learned in the class, thanks to the availability of a brand that has shared with them case histories based on real products, currently on sale on the market: “We would have liked to visit the company as originally planned – Sara concludes -, we hope that everything will return to normal as soon as possible”.


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