Caterina Farneti, Master in Business Management: “BBS offered me a complete view of the business mechanisms”

26 September 2019


My name is Caterina Farneti and I studied linguistic mediation, translation and interpretation. I chose this path because I have always considered it essential to know foreign languages ​​fluently, allowing them to open up to a wider horizon.

I love traveling and meeting new people, so I always wanted to be able to communicate with any person I met, without feeling hampered by language barriers. I didn’t know exactly what work I would do once I finished my studies, but I certainly wanted to be able to learn about the cultures of other countries, their way of living and thinking and their vision of the world.

I decided to continue my studies with the Food & Wine track of the Business Management Master because the world of Business has always fascinated and intrigued me. I felt it as a world away from me and from my knowledge – which have always been rather theoretical or in any case based on an autonomous type of work – and I was fascinated by everything that revolved around a company, a network of hundreds of people, each that works in its own small way to create something big.

During the three-year period I stayed in France for the Erasmus program and there I took translation lessons that dealt with corporate business topics. Being close to graduation, I decided to continue my studies in that direction.


The Master for me was the ideal compromise between a master’s degree and the world of work: by completing my studies in a year, I could have acquired the necessary knowledge to start working in the business environment in a short time. Through word of mouth I got to know better the BBS, of which I had only heard before, and which moreover is located in my city, so it was very convenient to be able to continue my studies without having to change cities. The most valuable experience was certainly the ability to interface with figures and companies in the sector: they entrusted us with projects, they followed us and provided us with valuable knowledge and practical advice and, above all, they believed in us from the first moment.


The Master BBS in Business Management allows you to learn how companies are structured and how they work, all in a concentration of concepts. It also allows you to directly apply this knowledge through group work and projects for companies. And the projects are an opportunity to approach each other and learn to work in team.

Every single course followed during the Master has served my career. I learned how companies are structured and I learned the notions needed to understand how the company machine works as a whole, without gaps. This 360 ° view allows me to have a complete view of the mechanisms of the corporate business and to be able to exploit what I have learned in my work.


I did my curricular internship at Carpigiani, the technical excellence of the machines for the production of artisan Italian ice-cream, and I still work there. I deal with the post-sales business and I have a customer package, the Carpigiani dealers, which are located in all five continents. Every day I interact with them, I manage their requests and their orders. I am also involved by my managers and colleagues in projects that revolve around the world of Service and Customer Care.

At the moment I work in Carpigiani and I am very satisfied, because every day I have the opportunity to learn new things and to give the best of myself in the work I do; in the future I would like to grow in role and be able to travel for work, meeting customers in the world.


To a future student BBS I advise to give 100% of yourself during the months of learning and store every single new notion. It is a unique and unrepeatable occasion, so it must be exploited to the fullest, with the utmost dedication and commitment. It won’t be easy, but the efforts will be rewarded.

Caterina Farneti – Italy
Master in Business Management / Food & Wine – Class 2017/2018


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