Business Strategy: the secret to business success

2 January 2020

“A good strategy is a strategy that produces results for the company”, says Andrea Cinti Luciani, Scientific Director of the Master in Business Administration.

When we talk about business strategy, we mean the set of decisions that managers take to reach specific company objectives that are included in an ad hoc plan.

“A good strategy stems from knowing how to adopt formulation tools (strategic planning) and from having weapons and abilities, even relational, of ‘grounding’ the formulated strategy“, continues the Director Cinti Luciani.

With the increase of the competition and with increasingly specialized companies in the various market sectors, the business strategy represents the structure on which the company is founded, a sort of roadmap that monitors the objectives to be achieved in a more optimal manner.

“The business strategy must create value for the company, both in economic and reputational terms, strengthening internal competencies and improving competitive advantage over competitors“, says Andrea Cinti Luciani.

To formulate an efficient strategy it is therefore necessary to have a global vision of the company and the most suitable tools to manage it.

“A good manager with responsibility for defining and implementing the strategy in the company must have a broad set of skills: planning and organization skills, ‘big picture thinking’ skills and therefore abstraction from the daily context, analytical thinking, propensity to listening, decision making and lateral thinking, without forgetting the ability to negotiate and persuade within the company organization “, says the Director Cinti Luciani, who provides these tools to young managers through the Master in Business Administration.


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