#BBSReunion – Remembering 2011

25 June 2015

Waiting for the 2015 #BBSReunion, we recover some photos from the previous editions.
Reunion 2011, entitled Normal Leader, to “underline the importance of a shared leadership, and the normality of the leader role” according to the statement of Massimo Bergami, Dean of the Business School.

2011 marked a double anniversary: the 10th anniversary of Alma Graduate School and 25 years since the foundation of Profingest. Among the guests of that year: Lorenza Lei (RAI), Alessandro Benetton (Benetton), Andrea Illy (Illy), Oscar Farinetti (Eataly), Romano Prodi (Fondazione per la Collaborazione tra i Popoli), Giuseppe Recchi (Eni) e il Cardinale Maradiaga (Caritas Internazionale).

#BBSReunion 2011 - reunion Bologna Business School, Alma Graduate 02.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9238 03.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9297 04.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9258 05.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9276

06.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9291 07.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9265 08.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9414 09.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9427 10.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9484

11.Reunion-BBS-2011_001_1374 12.Reunion-BBS-2011_001_1425 13.Reunion-BBS-2011ARA_9545 14.Reunion-BBS-2011001_1439 BBS Reunion 2011 - Bologna Business School former Alma Graduate School


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