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23 November 2021

If an MBA is a path to an upskilling necessary in this period of great change, an international MBA can become the key to taking companies to the next level through digital transformation and internationalization. These two elements represent, in fact, the competitive advantage on which to focus in order to create new markets and give agile and accessible answers to increasingly demanding targets. This is why BBS proposes two paths that can provide participants from all over the world with the necessary tools to guide companies through the delicate post-pandemic phase precisely by means of these key factors. They are the Hybrid MBA English edition and the Executive MBA English edition, different from the others and differing from each other for a cutting-edge educational offering, in English.

Hybrid MBA English edition: an innovative formula to enhance professional growth

Flexibility and innovation are the keywords that characterize the Hybrid MBA English edition of BBS, a program designed to provide all the tools needed to interpret international markets in an increasingly complex and constantly changing scenario. The great difference lies in the formula that provides short and effective online learning sessions, perfect for an optimal work-life balance, and a smart-week on campus, useful for consolidating networking with colleagues and the industry champions involved in the project.

The Hybrid MBA English edition lasts 13 months and has a structure that allows you to acquire the skills and tools you need to complete a solid path of managerial growth within innovative companies on a global scale. This is not only because it features an advanced e-learning platform, which allows you to access learning modules, carry out exercises and interact with colleagues, instructors, and tutors in a constant and effective manner, but above all due to:

  • 12 core and 3 cross-curricula courses that represent a real learning journey in the fields of excellence of Made in Italy, with cutting-edge courses in Managing Luxury Industries, Automation & Robotics, Entrepreneurship, and Managing Hybrid Organizations.
  • Leadership Talks. In-depth meetings, led by experts and thought leaders, designed to help participants focus on new global challenges and interpret and manage change in every area of business.
  • Mentoring, Leadership & Soft Skills. Thanks to the presence of a manager from an important multinational company, a careful Mentoring activity is guaranteed, aimed at introducing new ways of managing leadership, including soft skills that are now essential in managerial roles. 
  • A 5-day Smart Week at the BBS Campus, scheduled for September 2022: a useful opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other and the companies. Indeed, it will be possible to meet the other participants in person, as well as the faculty, and take part in company visits to the headquarters of the prestigious partner companies of Bologna Business School. In addition, it will be possible to take part in a hackathon marathon on innovation-related topics, as well as a series of Mentoring sessions that will be taught by an established executive.

Executive MBA English edition: the program that propels today’s managers into the future

Being a leader today means knowing how to integrate digital thinking and promote sustainable innovation in all business processes, getting away from the logic that hi-tech decisions, essential to Digital Transformation, only concern technicians and specialists. The BBS Executive MBA English edition is aimed at managers, professionals, and consultants who want to lead companies in this transition phase, who understand the value of a holistic approach to knowledge, and who wish to acquire all the skills and tools necessary to play a decision-making role in international organizations

Among the strengths of this course, in addition to the systemic vision favored by a balance between theory and practice, we may mention a program that features Hackathon and Project Work days on specific topics and 13 core courses lasting one month each, for a total of 15 months of Master’s. The program is organized around 3 modules – Business Fundamental, Digital Enabler, and Digital Transformation – which aims to train the Managers of tomorrow also through:

  • Focus Sessions. In-depth sessions lasting one afternoon that take place at the end of each module and cover cross-cutting topics related to the world of digital business and beyond, such as Digital Pricing, Business Ethics & Sustainability, Entrepreneurship Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Start-up Management. 
  • Distance Learning. A phase during which participants will have to produce a paper on each of the main topics covered during the residentials, with the constant support of a tutor.
  • International Week @ Silicon Valley, CA. A full immersion week devoted to subjects such as Big Data & Analytics, Digital Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, designed with exclusive company visits, focus sessions, and dedicated workshops. The international week in Silicon Valley represents a truly unique opportunity for the Master’s participants. Organized in collaboration with Lucas College and Graduate School of Business of the San José State University (CA), Business School Partner of BBS, and the EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation, it offers the possibility to attend innovative courses. In the past, some of the courses attended by participants have been Data Mining & Big Data Analytics, held by Dr. David Czerwinski and Dr. Shaonan Tian; Culture and History of Silicon Valley and Entrepreneurship, held by Dr. Anu Basu; New Product Development and Innovation, held by Dr. Michael Merz; Business Model Innovation, held by Professor Sudhir Kadam Industry 4.0, held by Professor Sudhir Kadam; IoT and Blockchain Technologies, held by Professor Ahmed Banafa. The company visits took place in the previous editions of the Master’s at the following locations: the Ford Greenfield Labs, AKQA, Amazon Fulfillment Center, and Plug and Play Tech Center. 

A guide to choosing an MBA English edition at Bologna Business School

Choosing an MBA English edition, therefore, means projecting your role as a manager into the future, focusing on internationalization and digital transformation. But how do you navigate and which MBA should you choose between the two BBS programs for managers, professionals, and consultants who are ready to make an international career change? Here is a brief guide to choosing the right MBA for your needs. 

Choose the Hybrid MBA English edition if:

  • You want a predominantly online program that ensures you have an optimal education-work-private life balance.
  • You want to optimize time and costs by minimizing traveling
  • You don’t want to give up the networking opportunities offered by the traditional MBA
  • You aim for an innovative path that focuses on technology

Choose the Executive MBA English edition if:

  • You are willing to attend a part-time on-campus course in Bologna
  • You want to focus as much as possible on issues related to digital transformation, getting out of the comfort zone familiar to those who have managerial roles in the company
  • You want to focus on personal interaction, constant and direct exchange of views with both colleagues and faculty
  • You have a holistic and integrated view of knowledge and wish to explore each aspect of it in a systematic way


BBS, aware of its educational and social function, is committed to spreading the culture of equal opportunities and would like to contribute, by facilitating access to education, to bridge the gender gap too. Therefore BBS is making available partial scholarships for both MBA English edition programs, by female participation, geographic location, and according to specific income criteria (limited number, on a first-come, first-served basis).


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