Annie Wan – International Executive MBA

15 March 2021

Annie Wan, Lead Director at Your Education, cInternational Executive MBA class2020 . To her, BBS represented an opportunity to better understand Italian Business culture and to “become a better leader”. 

My name is Annie and I run a company focused on offering consulting services to international students seeking educational opportunities across North America and the English-speaking world. Since its inception in 2015, we have assisted thousands of individuals with applications to primary and secondary school, college, university, post-graduate studies, and private ESL programs. We also offer immigration consulting services, with a focus on visas, study and work permits, and permanent residence pathways.

Having a background in Economics, I was looking to improve my knowledge of Business, Finance, Marketing and Management. I have also been considering opening a branch in Italy to direct Chinese students to the various institutions around the country, so it was important for me to better understand Italian business culture. As a result I chose to apply to the International Executive MBA program at Bologna Business School because of its history, location and reputation.

While attending the iEMBA I have studied numerous topics and participated in over a dozen group projects and activities beneficial to anyone seeking to either establish or improve their knowledge of Management throught innovative approaches A part of our program has been completed through online and distance learning due to Covid-19 and BBS has been near, extremely supportive, maintaining the high quality and integrity of our education, also enabling new learning and networking opportunities

We are approaching the end of our learning journey. Attending the International Executive MBA has been a fantastic experience.I enjoyed  the opportunity to collaborate with ambitious individuals, valuable to becoming a better leader. 



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