Anita Hasbun: “From day one at BBS till today, I have never stopped learning.”

6 November 2018

I am Anita Hasbun from Honduras. I have 28 years and I am a student of the BBS Global MBA. I’ve started working very early, already at 17, and as soon as I finished my bachelor degree in Business Administration in my country, I got promoted to the Administrative Manager position in the small company where I was working back then. This opportunity gave me a more international experience, working with foreign suppliers for local distribution of technological products.  Seeing how different cultures can blend to work as one team, made me fall in love with international environments and I started to dream about going abroad to learn more and broaden my professional experience.

Since I was a kid I enjoyed numbers. So naturally, while working as an administrative manager, I enjoyed a lot the making of different financial analyses during external audits and the use of consultants’ feedbacks to improve the company’s performance.

In that period I decided to continue my education by choosing a Master linked to the field of financial analysis, but with an international orientation. I looked through the offer of many of the best Universities and got admitted in several, including Bologna Business School. Usually universities offered either international management masters or finance masters, or in alternative MBAs which had a similar content to that I had already studied form my Bachelor Degree. It was only BBS that really offered everything I was looking for in one place.

During the application process, Bologna Business School gave me a really personal treatment. Many other schoold would have addressed me as “Dear applicant number ########”, but at BBS they have always used my name instead. So I chose to enroll in the Global MBA and I don’t regret it at all. I have simply never stopped learning from day one till today. The School opened to me the doors to a multicultural environment, where I have been able to learn a lot from others and to share my own professional experiences.

The School itself was awesome. In class, we had great experienced professors coming from many countries of the world, with many different backgrounds. Also the cultural combination we got in our class was amazing, since I had classmates from every continent. We had many different backgrounds and experiences, which made all the group work assignments very challenging. Our discussions were really interesting, and I learned a lot not only from our professors, but also from all of my colleagues. The whole year we had was very intense, full of cases to analyze and lots of interesting readings. In class we had to share how some of these cases were reflected in our countries and this gave us the opportunity to look at the same problem from different perspectives and elaborate diverse solutions.

Another thing I enjoyed were the numerous visits we had to the plants of international excellences like Ducati and Lamborghini, to name a few. We were explained the company’s production cycle as we saw the operators and machines working live on the different positions on the production lines.

During the Academic Year at BBS, we were also exposed to several networking activities and events, such as for example the Innovation Talks, a cycle of events where BBS invites renowned national and international professionals to share their experiences on topics of current interest with alumni and professors. Added to that, a very nice networking activity were the workshops organized during the XII Reunion, where we had the opportunity to hear and meet great speakers on topics such as leadership, innovation or digitalization, and which encouraged us to stand out and make the difference in our professional path.

BBS has also a great Career Service team, which provided us a lot of support with orienting us on the work culture in Italy, and putting us in touch with important companies in Italy and abroad. Personally, I have really enjoyed my stay in this country, so I decided to stay and work in the financial analysis sector for a company in the Bologna area. Being that this University is qualified among the best, graduates are especially valued by employers, giving us that way a head start when applying for a job.

So we teamed up with the Career Service and I was was able to find what I was looking for. I am currently doing my internship in Operations Financial Controlling in the corporate division of Datalogic, a global leading Italian company in automatic data capture with production plants and distribution centers around the world. Currently, Datalogic is quoted among the STAR companies of the Italian Stock Exchange, producing and distributing more than a 100 technologic products for the retail, manufacture, logistics and health industries.

This year, in which I decided to stop working to dedicate myself to expand my knowledge has been incredibly productive and interesting. I really feel that I have achieved one of my biggest dreams. If you’re about to start your Master at BBS, let me tell you that it is worth any minute spent there and that you’ll never forget it. Just work hard and be persistent. If you have made it this far, there are lots of great things coming, as BBS really empowers you to be able to achieve your professional goals.


Anita Hasbun – Honduras

Global MBA in Corporate Finance – A. Y. 2017/18


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