Alumni Association, the Community has the floor.

28 January 2021

An interesting initiative, that started a few weeks ago, was an invitation to all members of the BBS Community portal.

We asked our Community to express their own personal interest or indicate up to two preferences for colleagues, in order to draft an initial shortlist of names to be proposed as potential new members of the Steering Committee of the Alumni Association.

The response was enthusiastic and resulted in the selection of a list of nearly 60 names that today are submitted to the entire BBS Community, to further expand the initiative and to invite all Alumni and Alumnae to express an additional preference, from this shortlist of possible names.

Therefore, starting from Thursday, January 28th it will be possible to take part in an informal survey and thus express your preference on the appointments of the new members of the Steering Committee of the Alumni Association. It won’t be a proper election, but a way to give voice to all those who participated in a pathway at BBS, who will be able to freely indicate their preferences. 

“BBS is working to enhance and renew the Alumni Association in line with the growth of the School and the considerable size of the Community. Today more than ever, the Alumni represent a key resource and BBS intends to further invest in them and support themMax Bergami, Dean of the Bologna Business School and Sara Valentini, Associate Dean for Alumni explained.

And precisely in this spirit of openness and participation, the Council of the Founding Members of the BBS Alumni Association, that will meet on February 2nd, will assess the result of this participated process, and will appoint up to eleven members for the Steering Committee of the BBS Alumni Association, with a three-year term of office.

Serving the Alumni association is an honor and a responsibility, certainly a unique opportunity to strengthen the BBS community of Alumni and, whilst doing it, to contribute to strengthening the institution for which many Alumni invested time, resources and energies. Therefore, we wish to thank all those who’ve expressed an interest” Max Bergami and Sara Valentini concluded.

It is possible to express your preference by clicking here. You have time until February 1st 17:30 pm CET. Not a member of the Community yet? Click here.


Discover the Nominations here.


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