AI manager: one of the most in-demand professions of the near future

22 January 2024

The AI manager is responsible for managing artificial intelligence in a company. The main role of the AI manager is to implement and develop AI solutions that can improve the efficiency and performance of the company itself.

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent in many departments, such as marketing, manufacturing, logistics and customer service. To get the maximum benefit from these technologies, companies need professionals who can lead the implementation and management of these solutions. The AI manager can stay on top of technological developments and their applications, ensuring that the company remains competitive and at the forefront.

Bologna Business School offers educational tracks focused on bringing these two paths together: management and AI.
Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management
and Data Science and Business Analytics Professional Master. Artificial Intelligence for Business and Business Analytics and Data Science Executive Master. Management experience and new technologies come together in the study paths offered by BBS.

The key role of the AI manager allows the company to avoid the risks involved in applying artificial intelligence: this professional can decide which technologies or solutions are best suited to the business needs, and thus avoid mistakes that could cause damage, financial losses or security problems. The role of the AI manager will be increasingly in demand globally.

Becoming an artificial intelligence manager requires computer science, cognitive science and mathematics skills. Some curricula to become an AI manager include courses in artificial intelligence, machine learning, or related disciplines. But these skills must be coupled with a solid path that has management at its core, because an AI manager has to be able to lead teams consisting also, but not only, of technical profiles.

The high-level management training offered by Bologna Business School is part of a path of excellence, thanks also to the direct meetings with corporate executives to transform theory into hands-on knowledge. At the same time, the hours of classes with international lecturers of the highest profile guarantee the development of the necessary skills to become a successful manager: communication, organization, problem-solving and leadership.
All adapted to the needs of the contemporary market, in close contact with leading companies: thanks to its powerful network, BBS offers its students direct links with leading companies in industrial automation and robotics, data analysis and development in new technologies.

The AI manager profile is required by a wide range of businesses in tech, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. All companies that need to implement and manage AI solutions can benefit from the skills of an AI manager. Career prospects are very bright: as AI becomes more prevalent in businesses, the demand for professionals who can handle this technology will continue to grow.

A Master‘s degree in BBS in Bologna, among the world’s technology development capitals and home to the technopole that hosts Leonardo, one of the supercomputers that will form the European high-performance computing network EuroHPC, is a guarantee of success in an innovative and exciting path designed for those who want to be protagonists of the near future.


Discover the Master’s programs with a focus on AI at Bologna Business School:

Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management Professional Master

Data Science and Businnes Analytics Professional Master

Artificial Intelligence for Business Executive Master

Business Analytics and Data Science Executive Master


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