Why attend a Global MBA

29 January 2020

“Through the Global MBA, we aim to develop the leadership skills of the students, and not only to strengthen technical skills. In this way, they will be able to carry out all types of management activities”, says Marcello Russo, Director of the Global MBA.

Attending a Master in Business Administration – MBA means rethinking, expanding and updating one’s skills. It is an opportunity to “shape” knowledge acquired in the field, a stimulus to improve and add value to one’s experience.

The values ​​and benefits to attend a MBA Master are mainly five.

The first is the network, which allows to each participant to integrate and develop his experience with that ones of the others. The second advantage is the strengthening of technical-specialist skills, with an extremely concrete and pragmatic approach. The third point is represented by the ability to have a transversal vision and of the various situations, enhancing the so-called soft-skills, such as leadership, vision for processes and organizational talent. The fourth benefit is awareness of oneself and the surrounding competitive environment. The fifth point is perhaps the most important: the ability to communicate more efficiently.

This path is a unique experience of personal and professional growth and favors an integrated and strategic vision of the company.

Bologna Business School allows each participant the opportunity to build their professional project by choosing from 5 different specializations of the Global MBA: Automation and Robotics, Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods, Food and Wine, Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses and Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports.

The Faculty including national and international professors and the Master is supported by a business network made up of leading companies in their sector both on the Italian and international markets.


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