When sharing creates network: Stories of Multiplied Opportunities

22 July 2019

Multiplying Opportunities was the guiding theme of the Graduation 2019 & XIII Alumni Reunion, and has always represented the vocation and mission of Bologna Business School and its Community. The slogan had a more than tangible example of its effectiveness last Wednesday 17th July, when some BBS Alumni spoke to share with the Community their stories of innovation, growth and development generated by participation in an MBA program.

Executive Masters: Stories of Multiplied Opportunities opened with the greeting of Alfredo Montanari, Managing Director BBS, to introduce the educational offer of the School linked to the Executive Masters, underlining how the highly applicative approach of each single course allows to enrich the background of each one and to increase the vision market strategy.

The word then passed to Andrea Lipparini, Academic Director Executive MBA, whose speech started with the quote from the book Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success to focus attention on how the virtuous organizations are those that take and give simultaneously, thus introducing the speakers of the evening. In front of the public four Alumni who have seized the opportunities of growth of an Executive Master to make a significant change to their careers, and at the same time continue to nourish the Community BBS by actively participating. Stories of opportunities multiplied, therefore, with a view to networking created in the classroom, but then carried out outside and over the years to come.

This aspect is underlined by  Sara De Simoni, currently Vice President of Equipment Engineering at Tetra Pack, the multinational company that produces integrated systems for food packaging. His story begins in 2000, when he was hired as a research and development technician to design new opening systems for containers; then continued his career within the company as Project Manager until 2009, the year in which he took part in the first edition of the Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management (EMTIM). “During my career trajectory I had repeatedly felt the need to deepen my skills – he says – working in particular on the relational aspect linked to relationships with clients and stakeholders. The experience at BBS was a real investment in my abilities , and proved to be useful to understand how the market evolves and to create road maps that contemplate the needs of consumers and customers. In addition to passion and ambition, participation in EMTIM was one of the elements that allowed me to continue to create a solid career within Tetra Pack and has expanded my knowledge from all points of view, in particular at the network level: thanks to BBS I have developed a network of contacts with Faculty and Alumni that I still carry forward”. The microphone was switched to  Filippo BassaniOperations Manager at Selcom Group, an international EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) company that designs, tests and produces customized electronic and mechanical equipment and systems. A debut as a technician in 2000 followed a career in the various divisions, which sees him as Production Manager first and Plant Manager in a second phase, until 2017 when the need to fill some gaps is answered in the Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations. “Thanks to the BBS course I learned to combine work and training and I expanded my professional network; the numerous company visits allowed me to develop a pro-active comparison and to understand how to improve internal business processes”. The third intervention focuses on Alessandro ChiesaHR Manager at Ferrari,, who retraces the steps of his career with those present. With a Degree in Economics and a Master in Management and Human Resources Development, he joined the company in 1993 as an intern in the Human Resources and Organization Department. In over twenty years of experience he has had the opportunity to deal with recruiting and selection, training, organization, development and compensation, and has lived with the team the victory of 11 world championships. In 2009 the choice to enroll in the Executive MBA (EMBA): “I felt the need to continue to grow and learn – he tells the audience in the hall – and I wanted to develop other ways of thinking about business management. I opted for BBS for his international vocation, although strongly rooted in the territory, and for its strong managerial focus”. The meeting ends with Michele Perozzi, Operations Director at  Laminam Spa, a company specializing in the production of large format ceramic slabs. After training in chemical engineering and experience in the food sector, he joined the ceramic world in 2000 at the technical division of Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola, where he expanded his skills related to engineering. “In 2006 I felt the need to increase my business vision and the choice fell on the Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend both for the prominent names of his Faculty, and for a preparation oriented to a global vision of the company and of his development horizons, the Master was a demanding but winning bet, which gave me a more open vision towards the confrontation with the final customer, who is then the true employer. BBS its being a living resource, which is not limited to the educational path, but facilitates a path of constant growth thanks to a network of continuously evolving relationships”. On-going and on-the-job training is the real key to success, aimed at training and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs and managers. To learn more about your skills, see our training offer at this link.


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