When Art Meets Business: Sculptor Jago Engages with Students at Bologna Business School

20 February 2024

In Bologna Business School’s classrooms, an unusual and captivating event took place: Jago, an internationally renowned sculptor, engaged in dialogue with students of the  Global MBA  and the Professional Master in Business Management and Marketing Management. The discussion, moderated by Prof. Cristiano Boscato, offered insights into the synergy between art and entrepreneurship, showcasing how creative pathways can influence the business world.

Originally from Frosinone, Jago has made his mark on the art scene with his innovative approach to art. His career took a decisive turn when he was just 24 years old when he was selected to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale. This event marked the beginning of his international recognition. Jago is an artist who has revitalized the sculptural tradition and has managed to catapult this form of art into the contemporary digital world, using social media to spread his creative vision and establish direct contact with the audience.

During his meeting with Bologna Business School students, Jago shared his experience as an “artpreneur,” highlighting the challenges and opportunities that come from personally managing every aspect of one’s artistic activity, from creation to self-promotion and the sale of artworks. His success is inspiring because it practically and concretely demonstrates the importance of combining creative talent with entrepreneurial skills. Indeed, the discussion mainly focused on how the modern artist must move confidently in the market, using contemporary communication tools to reach a wider audience. Jago also emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with competent people and sharing responsibilities and successes, confirming one of the cornerstones of leadership.

The presence of Prof. Boscato further enriched the discussion, creating a bridge between the world of art and the academic and entrepreneurial spheres and offering students valuable lessons on resilience, the importance of pursuing one’s goals despite difficulties, and managing failure as an integral part of personal and professional growth.

This event underscores Bologna Business School’s commitment to providing its students with an education beyond traditional academic teachings. It promotes a holistic approach that prepares future leaders to navigate a constantly evolving world confidently.


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