Welcome to Bologna.

6 October 2016

The Global MBA students from over 40 countries were welcomed directly from Matteo Lepore, Deputy Mayor, City Council of Bologna.

“Bologna City Council welcomes the community of the new students of Bologna Business School coming from abroad. This institutional greeting is also an opportunity to tell the city” declared Mr. Lepore “to explain that it is a territory where internatinal investments are growing, and that has become a tourist destination, thanks to the right exploitation of its excellences. People in transit are conquered by its authencity and decide to stay.”

“Bologna is an attractive destination, therefore it is growing not only because of investments” said Massimo Bergami, BBS Dean “but also for the talents, future managers and international entrepreneurs that see our city as an industrial district of brands that bring prestige to Italian entrepreneurship. I would add that Bologna and its territory are also a place of research: the growth of Start Up companies represents a successful combination between intuition and productivity, from the manufacturing to the food industries. As a matter of facts, BBS motto is Taking Italian Excellence Global: our mission is to spread the culture of business, innovation and quality. Our students community is the ambassador of Emilia-Romagna excellences through its network.

Thursday 6th October meeting at the City Council can be defined as a first welcome to the international students of the Global MBA. It is also the first of many other events that will accompany the students in their course of studies: there will be direct meetings and visits at important local companies and institutions.

The meeting was followed by a press conference where Matteo Lepore, Massimo Bergami, Alessandro Bonfiglioli (Managing Director, Caab SpA

and BBS Global MBA Career Development Director) and Celso De Scrilli (Bologna Welcome President) discussed about investment attraction and economic development in the metropolitan city of Bologna.


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