Virginia Sanfelice: “I have learned how to combine environmental management with practical business skills.”

7 August 2018

My name is Virginia Sanfelice, I am a Global MBA student from Brazil focused on the Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses track.

As a lawyer, I always try to conciliate private interests and public rights. I began my career in the private sector, working with government affairs for 3M. Seeking a more direct impact in public policy, I pivoted my career to public interest law. I worked as a legal advisor for municipal governments, advising elected and appointed city authorities in a variety of subjects.

In 2014, I decided to build upon my passion for private-public relationship by deepening my knowledge in Environmental Law, a subject that has always inspired me and that is still incipient in my home country. As a first step in this academic and professional aspiration, I pursued a Master’s Degree at the University of Coimbra, in Portugal.  My master thesis, now published as a book, explores how the concept of Precaution can inform regulatory policies surrounding new sources of energy. Ultimately, my experience in academia convinced me that, to lead a productive dialogue on environmental concerns, I had to be able to understand and influence business. That is how I found BBS and the Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses.

At BBS, I learned how to combine best practices in environmental management with practical business skills. I also developed management skills that will help me put my legal vision into practice. After the MBA, my goal is to use my experience in academia, government and business to create guidelines for sustainable development. I believe that my time in Bologna was a crucial step in this journey.

If I had to choose one experience from this year, I would highlight the Graduation and Reunion event of July 2018. I had the opportunity to participate in seminars and celebrations with BBS alumni and the whole Community. Not only did this create space for networking, but it was a moment to engage in decisions that will impact the future of BBS. For example, I was glad to participate in a roundtable discussion with the Dean Max Bergami that gave us the opportunity to share our ideas for the future of the school, including the new buildings that will enlarge the campus. This spirit of collaboration was exactly what I was searching for in a Business School.

If you want to experience that, live in an incredible city, be part of a community, and develop business skills, consider BBS as your best option to make a step further in pursuing your goals.

Virginia Torresan Sanfelice – Brazil

Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses – Class of 2017/2018


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