Vika Tyurenok | Executive MBA English edition

25 November 2022

Victoria Tyurenok, International Business Development Consultant at Revelio, has found the Executive MBA English edition at BBS to be an international and innovative programme full of stimuli, such as the International Week, and networking opportunities. In this interview, she tells us why.

You recently participated in the International Week as part of the BBS Executive MBA English Edition. How was it, and what did this experience leave you with?

This week was great and brought lots of insights and memorable moments as well as expanding my networking. The journey started in June when we received the invitation and a program draft. Some of us needed to apply for a visa but our program manager and professors were very helpful and, finally, our group was ready to go. A number of us arrived a bit earlier and we discovered San Francisco. Our study week was filled with useful lectures and company visits. It was tough but the program had been put together well and when we were tired, we had some free time and used it for visiting new places. I used this free time to reflect and and prepare questions for the professors. Every morning we shared our thoughts in discussion and I saw that my classmates share the same thoughts and ideas and being like-minded people brought us all closer and helped us to build a team. I would like to share some of my insights:

  • Time is an added value. You need to be very fast with the implementation (even if you haven’t reached perfection yet) and try as many hypotheses as possible to find what really works.
  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-Founder – CVO & BoD Member of UserZoom, who we met and who really inspired us with his speech – told us. People bringing results to the company and sharing strong beliefs help to build a successful business culture.
  • Never give up! You will hear many of “No’s” before just one “Yes”: Sudhir Kadam, Innovation and Growth Strategist, said this and it has become my motto.

What do you think are the strengths of the MBA you are attending?

I undertook research before enrolling in the international MBA program at BBS intending to find not just a general program but something about digital, AR, VR technology in business because I already have good business acumen. I was looking for an innovative and practical study program with the possibility to expand my network in Italy, as I live here with my family. The Executive MBA English Edition at BBS that I’m attending now has a good balance of practical assignments, theoretical lessons and company/start-up sharing experience, and a well-developed alumni community.

In what aspects of your career can this MBA make a difference in the future?

I have managed several business transformation projects during my career, which has been a very inspiring experience. The MBA has boosted my self-confidence and encouraged me to believe more in my abilities and strengths in this and other contexts. My goal is to be able to manage increasingly complex projects in international contexts. Thanks to the MBA, I am preparing myself effectively to build successful solutions in increasingly complex environments.  


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