16 November 2020

Valeria Carolina Rojas Nastrucci is an Alumna of the Global MBA at BBS, academic year 2016/2017. Now she is a Manager in Philip Morris International and she is also an active member of BBS Alumni Community.

What is your professional career?

My career as Industrial Engineer started at November 2010 when I joined PepsiCo specifically in the plant of beverages of different brands as Lipton tea and Gatorade. This was my first contact with a multinational manufacturing company. After that I had a promotion to join another plant of the same group called Polar which is one of the biggest beer companies in Latin America. In 2016, I decided to come to Italy to start the MBA at BBS in 2017, then I joined Philip Morris International located in Bologna until today.

Why did you decide to continue your training and how did you choose BBS?

I decided to invest in myself on a program focused on Business with the view of the future in manufacturing, mechanics and automation. This choice was a key factor for my success because the manufacturing industry is evolving fast towards 4.0 and the knowledge of the right tools will always give you a deeper insight on what is coming next.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of the program of the Master of BBS?

The crew of professors as, for example, Emanuele Bajo, with a high level of professionalism, the direct contact with the manufacturing reality of the region as for example Coesia, Lamborghini, Ducati, without forgetting the packaging valley.

Short and long-term goals?

My actual goal is to transfer my knowledge and experience on the role I’m developing at PMI. Keep interacting and growing with my coworkers and, through BBS Community, with all the professionals I met during the Master. Last but not least, I want to keep learning to be capable to inspire others and create history.

What do you feel like to recommend to a BBS student?

If you are the kind of person that goes further from what is evident, a Master at BBS matches with you research. It is an important career decision, that requires time and responsibility, but I’m the kind of person who thinks that learning by the academy will always give a payback.


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