A Full-time Master is an investment in your future: why to undertake this post-graduate path

13 March 2019

The discussion of the thesis, the proclamation, the handshakes and, finally, the much desired degree in the pocket. At that precise moment, however, a new dilemma emerges in the minds of many recent graduates: is it better to further invest in post-graduate education or face the world of work directly?

For many new graduates, as well as for young workers, the master is a real possibility to enter more quickly in those companies that better reflect their professional aspirations. According to statistics, however, there is also a growing share of young people who are choosing a Master already after the three-year degree, rather than enrolling in the two-year specialist course.

A trend that began during the economic crisis to respond to the need to increase the chances of access to a limited number of job positions, which continues today interpreting another need of recent graduates: to integrate the theoretical foundations acquired at the University with an intensive professional training. In fact, the masters allow them to get involved and measure themselves concretely with the needs of companies through project work and case studies developed in close contact with companies. Precisely this possibility of living and testing in advance the company mechanisms and the dynamics of the world of work, is one of the aspects that most influence the choice of new students.

Bologna Business School makes the interaction with companies and its Business Network the common point of all its masters. Through the testimonies and lectures of successful managers, students learn how to face the daily critical issues in a practical and concrete way. The company visits allow them to observe and understand directly the functioning of a production structure. In addition, the participants of each master are challenged in the research and presentation of real solutions to case studies submitted by the companies, thus developing the ability to work in groups.

Networking is, in fact, another fundamental point of a master’s experience. In addition to creating important personal and professional bonds with the classmates, the context helps to develop valuable relationships also with professors, experts in your field of interest and managers that you have had the chance to meet during the course. According to BBS students and Alumni, who form today a Community of over 9000 professionals, it is precisely interpersonal relationships that make the master an experience that helps to mature and become fully aware of their professional abilities and ambitions.

Parallel to the care for the didactics, the School dedicates the utmost commitment to the creation of employability through a systematic action of the BBS Career Service, with constant attention aimed at combining the students’ professional projects with the needs expressed by the companies. It is no coincidence that over 90% (average for the latest edition) of BBS full-time masters graduates is already in a company six months after completing their studies. Among the top employers for BBS students there are national and international excellences such as Lamborghini, Ducati, UniCredit, Montenegro, Hera, Ferrari, Google Italia, Yoox Net-A-Porter and many others.

The BBS Career Service supports and immediately accompanies the students in a training and professional development path through a series of guided seminars, with the aim of providing the tools and the basic resources for an adequate preparation for their professional future. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with professional career counselors, students receive a personalized service in order to understand their strengths and build a professional development plan useful to achieve their goals in the search for an internship.

Today it is more fundamental than ever to focus on an education that is pragmatic and in constant dialogue with companies, able to guarantee the acquisition of the skills that companies are looking for.

And a Master is undoubtedly the most concrete investment in your own future.



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