Two New International Accreditations for BBS

8 March 2024

In an increasingly globalized world, quality managerial education recognized internationally becomes imperative for those aspiring to leadership roles in global business.

With its long tradition of excellence in managerial education, Bologna Business School has recently made significant strides in this direction, obtaining two prestigious EFMD accreditations for the Executive MBA and the Professional Master in Data Science and Business Analytics.

EFMD accreditations represent a seal of quality and excellence worldwide in managerial education. The Executive MBA and the Professional Master in Data Science and Business Analytics at BBS have received this prestigious recognition, both accredited for 5 years, a testament to the School’s quality and commitment to providing top-tier educational programs.

This accreditation system is the most comprehensive for managerial training programs. It serves as an international benchmark for business schools and their courses. Accreditation results from a rigorous peer-review process that evaluates all aspects of the programs and the outcomes achieved, particularly emphasizing internationalization, integration with the business world, and a focus on sustainability.

The Executive MBA at BBS, aimed at managers and entrepreneurs ready to climb the heights of leadership, offers a structure that allows balancing work commitments and the development of general management skills. The Professional Master in Data Science and Business Analytics, on the other hand, targets young graduates eager to learn how to manage the business of data, a rapidly expanding sector of fundamental importance in today’s economy.

These recent developments reflect Bologna Business School‘s ambition to maintain and strengthen its status in the global educational landscape. It offers programs that combine academic rigor, practical relevance, and an international perspective. With the acquisition of the new EFMD accreditations, BBS confirms its educational excellence and is ready to train tomorrow’s leaders in an ever-evolving global economy.


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