BBS: first destination for Tulane University

7 April 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, the MBA students of Tulane University are visiting our School, as an open door on the productive excellence of our territory.
Students at Tulane University, coming from Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, India, Colombia, China and the US, are coming to learn all about the Italian production system, with a special look at Bologna. Through the renewed partnership with BBS, in fact, they could visit a giant in the automation industry like COESIA, the excellence of Lamborghini and a relevant example of corporate welfare, the MAST.

At the center of their path is Villa Guastavillani, where students, divided into eleven groups, will talk with many companies in the business network of BBS (Annarita N., CELI Language & Information Technology, CRIF, Electrolux, Ferrarelle, Florence Cut, Jo No Fui, Satec Ltd., Sitma, Videoworks and YOOX), aiming to develop with them different consulting projects, about relevant topics for their productive sectors.

In fact, the visit to Bologna is part of their Global Leadership Program. Over the two years of the course, the class will visit four different Business School, in Italy (the Bologna Business School), Russia, South America and China, with the purpose to understand deeply the markets’ context of different Nation.

To better respond to this need, the students participated in Villa Guastavillani to a lecture on the “Made in Italy”, to clarify the main characteristics of Italian companies. Among the speakers of the Lecture Alessandro Bonfiglioli (Managing Director, Caab SpA) and two Alumni of the Executive Master in sales and Marketing MBA, Maria Rosaria Tufo (Senior Brand Manager, Ferrarelle Spa) and Sara Stimilli (Yachting Sales Manager – Communication & Marketing Manager , VideoWorks SPA).


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