Tourism, Heritage and Events – job positions

Event Project Manager: Event-related project management

The Event Project Manager coordinates and manages projects related to the organisation of major events. From planning conferences to organising trade fairs, he takes care of every aspect from start to finish, ensuring the success of events. His main activities include the detailed definition of the objectives and action plan, managing the budget and available resources, coordinating the members involved in the project, solving unforeseen challenges and adapting strategies according to the evolving needs of the project.


Heritage Project Manager: Heritage Project Management

The Heritage Project Manager is in charge of managing projects and initiatives aimed at the conservation, promotion and enhancement of cultural and historical heritage. This professional collaborates with public and private entities, works closely with experts in the field and governmental bodies to ensure compliance with international regulations and protocols related to the preservation of cultural heritage, and manages the budgets, timeframes and resources needed to implement projects.


Product Manager – Tourism Industry: Product development and management in the tourism industry

The Product Manager in this sector leads the development and management of tourism products. He works for tour operators, housing & accommodation platforms and hotel chains with the aim of designing and proposing experience packages based on the target customer.


Hotel Manager: Hotel Management

The Hotel Manager ensures the smooth running and overall success of a hotel. He manages the hotel operationally and strategically, ensures that all services offered are of high quality and meet guests’ expectations, manages the budget, plans marketing and sales strategies, and supervises the staff to ensure a positive and productive working environment.


Communication and PR Manager: Managing communication and public relations activities

The Communication and PR Manager is in charge of building, managing and protecting the company’s reputation. With skills in key message development, crisis management and media relations, this professional ensures that communication is cohesive and aligned with corporate objectives. Through effective public relations strategies, he contributes to creating a positive brand perception.