Top Education Trends to watch in 2024

5 February 2024

For the higher education world, 2023 showed an increasing focus on innovation and new technologies, and a strong emphasis on social and environmental impact, the importance of experiential and hands-on learning, and on the flexibility of curricula that must be able to adapt to the increasing demands of work-life balance.

The digital and green transition has boosted the phenomenon of skill shortage in companies, making upskilling and re-skilling practices essential, upgrading and new training in the skills needed by the staff already employed.

New technologies, particularly the development of AI, aim to gradually replace routine tasks (data analysis, market monitoring, security control, supply chain management and sales). Typically human qualities, such as creativity and empathy, are growing in importance. This change will require a major retraining of the workforce.

Technologyrelated jobs were among the most in-demand in 2023. They will be even more so in the future: digitization and automation are creating new opportunities for software developers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists.

Likewise, the demand for sustainability-related professionals has grown: specialists in the green economy, environmental conservation and energy transition are increasingly in demand, as are specialists in digital marketing, SEO and e-commerce.

Bologna Business School offers a comprehensive panorama of study paths ranging from GMBAs to Professional Masters, from Executives Masters to Open Programs to meet the increasingly complex and specific demands of the business world, providing education at the highest level.

Together with technological skills, the most interesting trend for 2023, and one that will also feature in 2024, is fortifying soft skills: the managerial skills, the horizontal knowledge that enables successful managers to implement technical knowledge.

Today, expertise is a given skill in the high-profile business world. What can make a difference is the other part of the training that cannot be ignored to succeed in a competitive and ever-changing business world: interpersonal skills, people management, leadership and mentoring are pathways that train tomorrow’s top managers: they form the necessary “hat” to technical knowledge, the famous “horizontal dash” of “T” training which is required for managers engaged in top roles.

BBS strongly focuses on learning soft skills: core courses specific to each study path are always combined with managerial training of the highest profile, emphasizing the most “human” skills. Empathy, support for the workforce, stress management, analytical skills and problem-solving are all central to Bologna Business School’s training of excellence, a pioneer in research on coaching and mentoring, now courses that flank all degrees and types of training offered.


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