Timo Wörner, International Executive MBA

29 January 2020

Timo Wörner, with a degree in Economics from the Cooperative State University in Germany, combined business strategy and his passion for IT through the International Executive MBA of Bologna Business School.

The most valuable experience in BBS

I think the greatest value given by this experience is the articulated composition of the program, which provides the tools to completely manage the digital transformation path of an organization. It was a great experience to join the International Week in Silicon Valley in the United States with numerous company visits, conferences and expert interviews.

The strengths of the Master

Bologna Business School has created a perfect mix of professors with a long practical experience, full of case histories of great importance. In particular, the work done for a company near Ancona taught me to deal with different professionals from different backgrounds.

Your career after the Master

While attending the master, I was promoted by my company to head a consulting team. This allowed me to understand that managing heterogeneous teams is difficult, but precisely for this challenge: only by confronting each other on different terrains are the best intuitions born.

Short and long term goals

I am currently Head of Public Sector Consulting for Bechtle, a consulting company that deals with digitization and IT security. My goal for the next few years is to implement my knowledge through the International Executive MBA program and qualify for a leading role into an international transformation project.

Advice for a future BBS student

Your search is over: request BBS.


Timo Wörner – Germany

International Executive MBA – Class 2018/2020



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