The Tech Masters’ at BBS: building your future on solid foundations

31 May 2021

Data are the raw materials on which to build the future and plan the rebirth“. 

These were the words uttered at the opening ceremony by Alec Ross, American technology policy expert, entrepreneur, author, and venture capitalist and Distinguished Visiting Professor at BBS. The first to heed these words were our own students, particularly those who chose to invest in a Tech Master’s program that is one of the most attractive from an employment point of view, precisely because its strength is based on its ability to provide skills that are in great demand in a business context that makes data, and the digital tools used to collect, organize and interpret them, the key to overcoming the challenges of contemporary reality.


What will be the most in-demand professions in the coming years?

 The answer comes from the Forecasts of employment and professional needs in Italy in the medium term (2019-2023)  found in the annual Excelsior report prepared by Unioncamere (association of Italian Chambers of Commerce) and Anpal (the National Agency for Active Employment Policies). The report indicates how “Digital Transformation and Sustainability will have a decisive weight (…) coming to include between 26 and 29% of workers (…) in the next 5 years. Companies will be looking for between 275,000 and 325,000 workers with specific mathematical and IT, digital, or Industry 4.0-related skills. A change that will not only affect digital professions, such as IT professions or new sectors related to big data or the development of artificial intelligence but most professional figures in all sectors”.

To become a key player in the professional scenario of the near future, you will need digital skills. Even if you are aiming for a career in the world of finance and consulting. AIPB, the Italian Private Banking Association, in its study The Future of Private Banking: Leadership, Talent and Innovation, carried out in collaboration with Strategy& and PwC, has, in fact, highlighted how, partly due to the pandemic, there has been an extraordinary growth in digital technology, so much so that 92% of private operators said they expect “a strong growth in investments in this area”. This growth requires hybrid figures, halfway between finance and technology, with the skills to ensure the proper management of data and the optimization of relationships through innovative tools.

In this scenario, higher education is of fundamental importance, and at BBS this takes the form of “Tech” Master’s programs, i.e., oriented towards new technologies, focusing on digital technology without neglecting sustainability, a cross-cutting element in all Bologna Business School programs, and which aims at providing the necessary tools to access the professions of the future.


Employability and proximity to businesses: the strengths of the Tech Masters’ at BBS

 What guarantees a high level of employability to the four Full-time Masters in the Tech area at BBS – Data Science and Business Analytics, Data Marketing and Analytics, Digital Technology and Innovation Management and Finance and Fintech – is the strong orientation to the business world that is realized through a series of distinctive elements, fundamental for those who are about to make a choice that can change their future. 

  • Integration with companies. A priority at BBS has always been to match the career plans of Master’s participants with the needs of companies. 
  • Internship in a company. A real strength of BBS: six months after the end of the Full-time Masters’, the average number of students placed in a company is 91%. After 12 months it reaches 94%
  • Career Service and Career Counseling. The Career Service comes into play immediately and builds with the students a personalized career path, providing tools and resources to prepare them for the job market. A path in which the student is also supported by a professional Career Counselor who, through one-on-one interviews, helps him/her to develop a professional development plan that is also useful in the search for a suitable internship. 
  • Networking and the relationship with businesses. Each BBS Master’s lives and feeds on a constant exchange with national and international companies with which it forms a wide network. Thanks to these solid partnerships, the companies are real supporters of the students, through scholarships, internships, and professional opportunities.


Full-time Master in Data Science and Business Analytics

 Learn how to manage the Big Data business and begin your path to access the highly sought-after professions of Big Data Manager and Web Analyst. If your goal is a career in this field, the BBS Master in Data Science and Business Analytics is right for you. The 12-month course, taught in English, explores every aspect of data creation and management, from data mining to artificial intelligence, from cybersecurity to blockchain, from digital transformation to ethics and sustainability. The Master’s in Data Science and Business Analytics in BBS can count, as all masters’ of the Bologna Business School, on the constant support and proximity of companies. These aspects make it possible to maximize not only the internship period, lasting 600 hours but also the search for job opportunities once the Master’s has been completed. The training takes place through a mix of competencies, with the aim of enhancing the three souls of this kind of professions: the economic-business one, the computer science one, and the analytical-speculative or statistical-mathematical one. The Master’s, moreover, is not limited to the use of software from a single manufacturer, but it opens up to the experimentation of different programming and analysis tools, especially open-source ones.


Full-time Master in Digital Technology and Innovation Management


Designed for recently graduated students who aspire to become managers of technological innovation, the Master in Digital Technology and Innovation Management is a path that allows you to bring innovation to the center of business decisions, thus forming the protagonists of Digital Transformation. The Master’s provides wide-ranging training to identify the potential and solutions related to the use of digital technology for business growth, combining a purely technical background with a managerial education. The Master’s is taught in English, lasts 12 months, includes an internship of 500 hours and has a high level of employability, thanks to the collaboration with companies such as Accenture, Agm Solutions, Aqseptence, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Bip, Bosch, Borsa Italiana (London Stock Exchange Group), Bto, Bucci Industries, Crif, Datalogic, Deepcyber, Doxee, Electrolux, Expert System, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Gellify, Helixa, iGenius, Ing, Injenia, Max Mara Fashion Group, Ntt Data, Nuovamacut, Optit, Oracle, Philip Morris International, Schneider Electric, Scm Group, Shopfully, Spindox, Supermercato24, Tutela Digitale, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Yoox Net-a-porter Group. 


Full-time Master in Data Marketing and Analytics

 The most recent among the tracks of the Master in Marketing Management in BBS, the Master in Data Marketing and Analytics is the answer to the demand of companies for figures able to plan, manage and optimize the results of marketing and sales through innovative tools and techniques. The goal? Creating more value for the customer and making it an engine of growth on an international scale. A goal that can only be achieved by perfectly mastering all marketing tools, including the most innovative ones. For this reason, the program includes courses in Artificial Intelligence, Data Strategy, Digital Analytics, Digital Interactive Platform, Marketing Automation and, of course, Ethics and Sustainability. The Master in Marketing Management at BBS is taught entirely in English, it lasts one year and is characterized by the ability to bring participants into the beating heart of companies, helping them to develop a strong propensity for proactivity. With the collaboration of the companies, a program has been designed that alternates the basics of marketing and management with individual and group preparation of business-oriented case studies. Another strength is the internship in the company, which allows students to immediately put to use the skills acquired, laying the foundations for the construction of their managerial career in an increasingly sought-after sector. 


Full-time Master in Finance and Fintech

If you dream of a future in finance and are wondering which specialization can really give you a leg up, the answer is the Master in Finance and Fintech. There are many reasons for this and the first is undoubtedly employability, which offers particularly interesting opportunities, with rapid and rewarding managerial growth. The Master in Finance and Fintech allows seizing the challenges and opportunities offered by the digital era, because it trains professionals who, through the knowledge of artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and blockchain play a liaison function between management and computer scientists, taking part in the development of new digital financial activities. Thanks to the numerous collaborations between the main players in the digital sector and Bologna Business School, this new generation of professionals, with solid skills in both finance and technology, will be able to intercept and exploit new trends in the financial sector. The program, entirely in English, lasts one year, includes two cycles of study with face-to-face lessons, and ends with a final internship of 500 hours that can be carried out in different companies and corporations, in Italy and abroad.



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