The Smart Week of the Hybrid MBA concludes the second edition of the Master

18 April 2023

The second edition, 2nd intake, of the Bologna Business School’s Hybrid MBA concluded with the Smart Week from April 3rd to 5th, 2023.

Organized to provide participants of the Hybrid MBA program with a unique learning experience, BBS’s Smart Week combines classroom lectures, company visits, interactive activities, and important networking and exchange moments.

On the first day, participants had the opportunity to visit Pagani Automobili, an Italian company of excellence specializing in producing high-performance cars. During the visit, participants could admire the luxury cars produced by the company and the Horacio Pagani Museum. The day ended at Villa Guastavillani, where lunch and a speech by the President of VEM SISTEMI Spa, Davide Stefanelli, were held.

The second and third days were dedicated to the Business Game, led by management consultant and marketing professor Nicola Tomesani. Thanks to this stimulating business simulation, participants had the opportunity to work together, putting their problem-solving skills and the competencies learned during the Master’s to the test. The week concluded with the closing speech of Covenant Partners’ Chairman and CEO, Leonardo Zaccheo, and the customary Master’s end-of-program toast.

“Smart Week” represents a valuable experience for Hybrid MBA participants because it allows them to get involved in a different and engaging way, meeting successful leaders and applying their knowledge to real business problems, as explained by Franco Visani, Scientific Director of the Master’s program: “Smart Week is the crowning achievement of the Hybrid MBA path. For months, thanks to the flexibility and effectiveness of online teaching, you fill your “toolbox” with technical skills in the various fields of management. During the Smart Week, one uses such tools in presence and does so in continuous interaction and contact with one’s colleagues, strengthening one’s skills and human connection with fellow travelers. This is the nature and success of being hybrid.”


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