The role of the executive research in defining leadership

26 May 2020

Recently the participants of the Master in Human Resources & Organization took part in a virtual talk with Ottavio Maria Campigli, Senior Principal of Badenoch + Clark to understand the challenges of executive search. 

The English company with over 20 offices worldwide offers consulting services in Head Hunting for managerial and executive figures, for small and medium-sized companies and large multinationals.

“It was really a pleasure to meet a passionate and prepared professional in his field like Ottavio – says Alessandro Neri, participant of the Master. Explaining the role of headhunter, he painted us a reality made of great professionalism and dedication.

In addition to working on different seniority roles and in different fields, Badenoch and Clark has an extremely important role to play in connecting with its clients that is defining their leadership. If there is in fact something that particularly struck me about the presentation it was the stated intention to define and especially in these difficult times, redefine leadership roles.

Leadership today has changed radically compared to even 30 years ago, as we have also seen in some lessons held in the Digital HR course by Francesco Bianco, Global Talent, Capabilities and Organisational Development Director at Vodafone

Today’s leader is in fact a ‘servant leader’, which means that he or she makes himself or herself available to the team without carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. And in practice this is exactly what Ottavio explained to us, highlighting some fundamental traits that a leader today must have such as putting people first and transparency towards them.

It must also have a clear vision and purpose, both short-term and long-term.  In fact, as we have seen in this period of crisis from Covid-19, those who had arrived prepared by adopting smart working solutions even before the crisis have suffered much less the impact of the drastic change in working habits.

Finally, the last point that he has kept us in mind is the adaptability, the key to managing moments of high stress that a leadership position can have and can help to deal with problems with greater serenity by helping to ‘hold on’.

Thanks to BBS staff for organizing a virtual meeting that allowed me to find some materials or topics covered during the course told in concrete cases by a person who has been working in that field for years”.



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