The New Campus of Bologna Business School: A Bridge Between Tradition and Future

18 June 2024

BBS is officially preparing to inaugurate its new campus in September—an ambitious project representing a milestone for the School, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The new campus consists of three state-of-the-art buildings designed according to the highest sustainability standards and surrounded by greenery. The new campus features modular classrooms, flexible shared spaces, and cutting-edge IT solutions, reflecting a modern approach to learning. A long staircase ensures a connection with the historic Renaissance headquarters at Villa Guastavillani, symbolizing the link between tradition and innovation.

“All spaces have been designed and equipped to meet contemporary learning methods, where technologies and AI converge on the primary and defining element of teaching: human interaction. We learn together with others, as it was a thousand years ago and still is today,” said Max Bergami, Dean of BBS. These words underline the School’s vision, combining historical roots with forward-looking perspectives in a context of collaborative and interdisciplinary learning. The new campus physically embodies BBS’s innovative approach, rooted in the 11th century yet operating in the 21st century by anticipating emerging trends and changes.

BBS, recently recognized as the “highest riser” in the latest Financial Times ranking of European business schools, achieved EQUIS accreditation in 2021, a prestigious recognition shared by just over 200 business schools out of 16,000 globally.

Every year, approximately 3,500 individuals, including recent graduates, managers, and entrepreneurs from around 50 countries, participate in BBS courses. The School aims to offer learning opportunities that shape the future, maintaining a vision based on interdisciplinary studies, internationalization, and close collaboration with businesses.

The inauguration of Bologna Business School’s new campus signifies more than just physical expansion; it is a clear signal of the School’s ambition to remain a leading institution in international education, preparing tomorrow’s leaders with an education that integrates innovation, sustainability, and tradition.


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