The Master’s that goes the extra mile, or rather three miles, to train tomorrow’s innovators

11 November 2020

A Master’s course, three state-of-the-art tracks. The program of the Full-time Digital Technology Management Master’s at BBS has been devised to provide a targeted and complete preparation to the future protagonists of the hi-tech scene.

 In a constantly evolving world, we are left with few certainties. One of these is the role of technology in the future of businesses and institutions. Today, more than ever, what is needed are managers able to anticipate fast changes at a high technological level, to design secure and unassailable systems, to transform production processes moving a step further the limits of the man-machine interaction.

This is why the Digital Technology Management Master’s at BBS is organized around three different programs, each with a specific focus on the relevant topics of contemporary technology. The three tracks feature a first session of lectures in common, devoted to the foundations of Management applied to Digital Tech. From the second session onwards, the programs focus on the chosen track.

Digital Technology Management / Artificial Intelligence ( ) is the pathway designed to train newly graduate students with different background who aim at a career as innovation manager. Digital Transformation is already an important topic for every company that looks not only at the future, but also the present, as it is one of the most relevant tools to manage and overcome this period of global crisis.

“Artificial Intelligence is deeply transforming every aspect of our lives, including our work and our commercial activities. The Master’s will focus on the main techniques at the basis of this transformation, explaining their potential and use in the production systems of several innovative companies. Together with an advanced technical knowledge of new artificial intelligence techniques, it will provide the necessary management skills to transform these techniques into business opportunities and to face emerging challenges for enterprises” explains Maurizio Gabbrielli, the Master’s Scientific Director.

Digital Technology Management / Cyber Security  ( ) is the educational pathway that helps understanding and analyzing the vulnerabilities of the IT systems, in order to identify potential risks and take the correct countermeasures. The Master’s prepares the managers who will have to manage and protect companies’ IT assets, increasingly digitized and, consequently, increasingly exposed to attacks, as Maurizio Gabbrielli, the Master’s Scientific Director, clarifies.

“Nowadays, Cyber Security is one of the most relevant and stimulating aspects for any organization, including SMEs, because of the growing dependence on IT systems. This Master’s provides the necessary knowledge for this task, covering a wide range of topics: from basic competences on encryption protocols and access control, to more advanced aspects, like the Net, the Cloud and IoT Security”


Finally, Digital Technology Management / Internet of Things is the program addressed to those who wish to become the protagonists of the digital transformation, going through the development of interconnectivity of everyday objects. A necessary evolution, increasingly within everyone’s reach, that tomorrow’s managers will be able to manage, within a pathway able to transform the use of Smart Things, more and more popular, into a growth driver for businesses.

Home automation, healthcare and INDUSTRY 4.0 logistics are only some of the fields in which the connection between objects that can exchange information and communicate data on their state of use, or the surrounding environment, is developing. This is why we need managers who have comprehensive skills in terms of management, but targeted in terms of technology-wise competences, who can lead companies in different sectors, searching for and developing new solutions.

The Digital Technology Management Master’s at BBS is held in English and, thanks to the innovative technologies implemented by BBS, it can be attended online. For further information, please write to


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