The job interview and the role of the Head Hunter

27 November 2019

The labor market of recent years has undergone profound transformations with the emergence of new professional profiles and new contractual forms: even the job interview has adapted accordingly, becoming a consulting service that companies decide to outsource in the selection of new profiles.

On November 21st, BBS hosted Anna Rita Borraccetti, currently Sole Administrator of Piessepi Consulting, with twenty years of experience as Head Hunter and Customer Relationship Management.

“Unfortunately today the search and selection process of personnel has undergone some non-positive changes – explains to the Community – and the current orientation is not sufficiently aimed at quality”.

“The activity of the Head Hunter consists in identifying the best candidates for the needs of the companies – continues Anna Rita Borraccetti – How? Thanks to the screening of the profiles and to the direct verification of their competences, with a careful work of intelligence and using different tools to support, from databases to social media, passing through the classic direct search”.

Very often the candidate lives the job interview with anxiety and tension; and, although there is no better way to support the first meeting, “time is fundamental – continues Anna Rita Borraccetti – After summarizing your professional profile, you can underline other aspects, without however dwelling too much on the details. The consultant will ask for further information, if necessary. In conclusion: we must not tell everything about ourselves, but only useful and interesting elements for the interview”.

Ultimately, there is no the perfect candidate, but there is a winning combination of professional and “intangible” elements that the company likes. The way in which you presents yourself, the coherence of your work experiences and the technical preparation represent a valid plus for each candidate. “The intangible part can guide well over 50% of the company’s final decision” concludes Anna Rita Borraccetti.

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