The importance of dreaming big

5 June 2020

The e-learning promoted by BBS during the emergence is not limited exclusively to online training activities. In addition to speeches with Industry leaders, remote Career Days and Aperijobs via Microsoft Teams, BBS has organized the Lab on Advanced Technologies for the participants of the Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports directly from the Dallara headquarters.

Thus, from the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, our students were able to get to know the automotive giant from within, thanks to the interventions of Andrea Pontremoli, CEO and General Manager, Dialma Zinelli, Head of Aerodynamics, Luca Bergianti, Vehicle Dynamics Manager, Mireno Rossi, Electronics & Software Engineering Manager and Alberto Bassi, Dallara Academy Coordinator.

“As an automotive engineer, I had high expectations for the lab and I must say that I was very satisfied – says the track participant Mariusz Francik. “This experience has clearly shown that even during the quarantine, it is possible to take part in interactive lessons, despite being hundreds of kilometers from Bologna! Our virtual journey – Mariusz continues – began with a visit to the Dallara Museum, where we were able to learn about the company’s heritage and understand ‘on the field’ as the goal of the founder Giampaolo Dallara to ‘create the fastest and safest racing car in the world’ is still central to the corporate mission. Later, we were able to see Dallara’s technological excellence: during the visit to the wind tunnel, we learned about the process of design and validation of vehicle aerodynamics, and discussed the growing role of rapid prototyping in the contemporary development. So, we moved to the driving simulator, where we sat behind the wheel of a racing car and had the opportunity to confront the professionals to understand not only the current approach to vehicle dynamics, but also the importance of simulations”.

“I have been a fan of Motorsport since childhood – intervenes Victoria Kovalenko – and I was excited about this opportunity: knowing the structure of the company, its divisions, past and future projects have allowed us to enter the vision of a product that takes the start from the dream of its founder, who immediately understood the importance of the human factor in the business, focusing on the choice of the team. As a person who left the previous career, and following the dream made a step towards the new one in Motorsport, I found the speech stimulating and motivating because of the quote of Andrea Pontremoli that ‘the best way to understand what is in the future is to design it’. According to Andrea, automotive world is developing in two directions: mobility, vehicle as an efficient way to move from point A to point B, for such vehicles driving pleasure is not a key factor, and here comes the opportunity for the development of autonomous driving vehicles. Adrenalin, competition, passion, fun, beauty. And it is in this segment of Dallara. ‘This area will never die, this is what gives a pleasure of life’. Last but not least, as a great passionate of Formula 1 and WEC, it was really exciting to know some car models such as the Lancia Montecarlo that won the WEC in 1980-1981, the Lancia LC1, Dallara Wolf WD1 driven by Chris Amon and Gilles Villeneuve in the Can-Am championship in 1977 and many other legendary cars racing. I can’t wait to visit this museum live as soon as possible”.

There was no lack of food for thought related to the management of a sector that rhymes with passion, and that requires professionals with solid skills in Corporate Finance, Strategy, Financial Accounting, and Marketing Management, alongside an enlightened and forward-looking mindset.

“Being a successful manager in the rapidly evolving motorsport sector is an inseparably connected aspect to the ability to understand innovations and anticipate the transformation – concludes Mariusz – Andrea Pontremoli went far beyond the technical aspects of the automotive sector, to touch relevant topics for future leaders in the sector. Remembering that people are the company’s most important resource was undoubtedly one of the most important lessons for me, alongside understanding that choosing the right business model is the key to walking confidently towards the Andrea Pontremoli has managed to convey the message that the road to success begins with dreaming big, fueling the desire to transform passion into something tangible. The story of Dallara, which over the years has managed to become a global company by realizing the dreams of its founder”.


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