The Gender gap in listed companies

25 May 2020

A webinar dedicated to the challenges and prospects of the gap between men and women in listed companies is scheduled for Wednesday, June 10.

The current health emergency has severely tested the labor market, highlighting risks and critical issues on a global scale. According to the ILO 2020 Observatory, unemployment could reach 25 million workers, penalizing in particular women, whose employment rate in Italy is currently 56%, against 75% of men. Our country is penultimate in the ranking of employed women in Europe, second only to Greece, often engaged in precarious forms of work.

The situation does not improve by analyzing managerial positions, where, in 2018, only 17 women occupied the role of CEO of a sample of 300 publicly traded companies, and with salaries up to 6 times lower than their male colleagues.

What are the prospects of the labor market with a view to gender balance? Legance associate lawyers, based in Milan, Rome, London and New York, has organized a webinar dedicated to the gender gap in listed companies, which will analyze the recent legislative and regulatory changes on the matter in the administration and control bodies.

Paola Manes, Lawyer, Professor of Private Law at the University of Bologna and Director of Administration in BBS Governance, Stefano Bandini, Managing Associate of Legance, Cristina de Haag, Head of Legal Italy at London Stock Exchange Group and Lucio Scudiero, Senior Associate of Legance, will take part in the virtual event, that will be moderated by Cecilia Carrara, Partner of Legance.

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