The Bobst Experience

12 May 2016

It is now a tradition that our class of the Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media to participate in a collaboration project with Bobst Italia, a subsidiary of the homonimous multinational based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our student, Denis Poeta, shares his experience with us.


Denis Poeta, a BBS student, tells us his point of view on the class’ collaboration project with Bobst Italia:

“Alessandro Lelli, Business Marketing professor, in February presented us one market leader company and gave us the chance to meet Mr. Michele Vitiello, the Managing Director of Bobst Italia. The meeting was very exciting since we were able to understand better the company core business, structure and their history strongly characterized by continuous technological innovation and diversification of the product. The meeting ended up with the proposal to the class to work on two main objectives:

a) Elaborate a new method of market segmentation aimed at better understanding customer needs with regard to the flexible material rotogravure industry.

b) Elaborate a new structure for the sales & marketing departments to serve segments.


DSC_0814 SM


At the very beginning of this “trip”, the class was split into two groups of 21 students, each one responsible for presenting a unique proposal of the case.

We analysed Bobst history, rotogravure machineries characteristics by performance, material produced and industry served. […] We were able to elaborate the segmentation model and to understand how to manage the sales & marketing structure to better serve each segment.

On Friday 8th of April, we went to the factory plant where Mr. Vittiello and the Bobst Team gave the MCNM class a very warm welcome. The class was split into 4 groups and we were assigned to company executives to tour around the facilities, where we saw the machines from up close and gained a clear understanding of the production process.


DSC_0786 SM


The Bobst project was very emotional as well as the subsequent discussion which proved to be a further opportunity for our professional growth. It helped us understand better the business priority of a market leader company.

Overall, we appreciated very much the Business School proposal to work on this project and we are grateful with professor Lelli for creating the meeting opportunity between professionals and students, as well as the BOBST team for spending time with us allowing and to put one more precious piece in our professional background.”



Denis Poeta – Italy
Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media – class 2015/2016

Photos by Ricardo Davila Lara and Arturo Bueno [MMCNM 2015/2016]


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