Digital technology in business: Marc Vos (BCG)

9 May 2017

How digital technologies affect every aspect of business”: on Wednesday, May 3, the Spring Session of Innovation Talks inaugurated at 18 pm at Villa Guastavillani, with its first guest: Marc Vos of Boston Consulting Group. The appointment is organized in collaboration with Philip Morris ItaliaSenior Partner e Managing Director, Vos calls himself as a business expert who is interested in digital. For the BCG he has implemented commercial strategies, cloud software systems and applications for product and brand diffusion.

“When we talk about digital, ” Vos said ” we are used to thinking of Silicon Valley and the many Start Ups that are being created. BCG is committed to providing consultancy to large corporations to become innovation drivers. Innovation in itself is not a goal. BCG works by knowing the customer and his problems and then working with specific solutions. ”

The technology as a commodity

BCG is present in 45 countries with a staff of 12,000 people and it develops ideas over the course of weeks, because a digital project that needs years is likely to become obsolete. Vos thinks that technology has become a commodity from which to start creating the solutions that companies need. For this reason, creativity and talents are the most demanding requirements in the US multinational. Digital is not relevant just to be on the market. You have to be among the top three in your industry or you fail.

“You have to have big ambitions and deep pockets”

Vos explained with a joke. We live in a world where digital has become pervasive and it doesn’t concern just the younger generations. It is in the heart of business,in back office,in sales, in commercial and in marketing. Much of the new businesses are platforms, marketplaces that meet demand and offer and facilitate transactions.

The work of BCG

A distribution group as Tesco begins to feel the Amazon competition, Netflix’s 20th Century Fox. This type of player turn to BCG and projects come out such as Takt, a company that solves queue problems at Starbucks through an app that allows you to order your own beverage in the nearest store. A project open to other companies to help to solve their problems and implement the functions of the digital instrument. Combine efforts for a common project and remove the risk of creating a competitive app. With GoPro, BCG found that the problem for the users of using the camera was the video editing phase. Here is a platform that brings together editing professionals to process editing for a few dollars.

And again: Mercury, which as Takt is a venture, run in Mexico, which deals with delivery. The problem of delivery in Mexico is safety. The answer is to present a delivery profile on a platform to create a trusted relationship with the company. The project developed for Black & Deckert is always linked to the concept of competence platform, where you can contact professionals to get their own DIY’s project ready. There are solutions that have obviously metabolized the concept of sharing economy.

The total switch to digital: challenge or inevitability?

Marc Vos’ s last consideration concerns the inevitability of a total switch to digital. Jobs are losing because digitization in companies is moving too slowly. Who will win in the immediate future will be who will thoroughly analyze the data. Amazon’s mission is to help people make the best decisions. The mission of Netflix is to recommend movies and series that we find most interesting. The best way to think about the box is to be out of the box.


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