Sustainability: trends and the global market

12 April 2023

Bologna Business School’s Executive Masters are advanced study paths for managers and professionals who want to add specialized and transversal skills to their professional backgrounds. The systematic vision generated by this approach is focused on sustainability topics, today one of the most relevant global trends and a central focus for BBS.

We can identify some new trends that analysts and researchers believe will increasingly influence investor and stakeholder decision-making in the sustainability area.

According to S&P Global, today the delicate balances faced and managed by stakeholders are being determined by different and sometimes opposing forces (Key Sustainability Trends That Will Drive Decision-Making. 2023 report). Climate strategies will also be reconsidered and reevaluated by concerns about energy security and affordability.

Rising costs related to climate risks will accelerate investments to adapt companies to new scenarios. Moreover, the coming force of new sustainability reporting standards around the world (ESG) and the increasing risks of legal disputes due to any failures of actions aimed at improving corporate standards on sustainability topics will be a great challenge for companies and investors.

Problems can also be opportunities: because of new sustainability regulations, more funds will be directed to managing the impact of human rights in corporate supply chains. Investments in sustainable technologies will have greater potential to provide operational enhancements and higher financial performance while acting as an ambitious opportunity for technological innovation. Existing technologies, such as ERP, Cloud and AI, can be used to improve sustainability and attract and engage customers by interacting with them through innovative, sustainability-focused products and services.

The management of these sensitive steps is the focus of a concrete growth path, guaranteed by BBS’s Faculty of Excellence, composed of academics and executives from leading companies. Bologna Business School is EQUIS EFMD Quality Improvement System accredited.

Sustainability has always been the focus of Bologna Business School. Today more than ever, these research themes are translated into practical, concrete and immediately spendable training in BBS Executive Masters.


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