Sustainability: new models

12 April 2023

Today “sustainable” is no longer a synonym for “ecological,” but an issue that directly involves at least three macro-areas: social sustainability, human rights, security, health, justice and redistribution of wealth; ecological sustainability; and economic sustainability, the ability to generate income and employment.

The main challenge for companies in the present and near future will be to adapt a virtuous business model to new market demands. Creating managers capable of managing these new thematic models is one of the goals of Bologna Business School’s Executive Master. These programs are designed on practical, effective and expendable training, able to become a holistic vision facing the technological and mindset change that today’s global market demands.

Engaging in innovation means not only investing in innovative technologies but also, more importantly, updating the business model by understanding the new sustainability requirements. Companies that are able to combine the transition to digital and to sustainability in the near future will become market leaders and will have a positive impact on society.

Circular economy, renewable energy, sustainable business development, mobility, sustainable food and fashion are just some of the indispensable focuses of the higher management education at BBS Master Executive. Human rights and the management of new governance standards are issues that today’s managers must be able to address with a new approach, capable of understanding available data and imagining innovative solutions to positively impact the transformation that leading companies require.

New sustainability models for new managers: the challenge of BBS’s Executive Master’s programs, which ensure interdisciplinary and highly specialized knowledge to translate an exciting path of individual growth into career opportunities.


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