The On-Campus Week of the Master in Sustainability Transition Management

17 October 2023

The second On-Campus Week of the Professional Master in Sustainability Transition Management at BBS served as a focal point in the students’ educational journey.

This intensive week offered an extraordinary full-immersion experience in crucial topics such as sustainability, industrial transition, and innovation. These themes engaged and enriched the participants of the Master’s program. Through intensive lectures, company visits, and practical activities, they had the opportunity to explore the challenges that define a sustainable future.

The week started with a warm welcome from Professors Eleonora Foschi and Toloue Miandar, followed by a session dedicated to Urban Transition led by Professor Valentina Gianfrate. The day concluded with a visit to the Urbana Innovation Lab in Palazzo D’Accursio in the heart of Bologna, where students had the chance to listen to expert interventions from the likes of Saveria Boulanger and Giovanni Ginocchini. The second and third days were devoted to Industrial Transition, featuring lectures and guided tours at the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering “Guglielmo Marconi.” Here, students delved into the Onda Solare project and visited the department’s photovoltaic plant. The fourth day shifted the focus to Agricultural Transition, with visits to cutting-edge entities like Eta Beta, Salus Space, and the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences. The day was enriched by Professor Francesco Orsini, who provided valuable insights into the future of sustainable agriculture. The final day concluded this extraordinary experience with visits to CAVIRO Extra and WASP, two entities revolutionizing their respective sectors in terms of sustainability.

This week represents a pivotal moment in shaping future leaders in managing the transition towards a more sustainable society. With a mix of theoretical lectures, practical activities, and company visits, Bologna Business School reaffirms itself as an increasingly committed and active hub in the region for education in this field.


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