Sudheer Konduru: “The Master in HR has enriched me as a professional and as a person”

30 October 2017

My name is Sudheer Konduru and I come from India. At BBS, I follow the Full-time Master in HR & Organization.
I have 3 years of experience in the HR field at Amazon and as an Engineer at General Electric (GE). Studying abroad, and in particular choosing BBS, was one of the best decisions I had ever made. When I decided to attend a second master outside of my country, I thought that Italy was the best option for me. The combination of working experience and new management knowledge really added value to me as a person and as a professional.


During my study period at BBS, I learned many concrete ways of working and new concepts of an organization, with practical exercises through Group work, presentations, and Company visits. The way of teaching is structured in a way that even those who do not have a background in HR can bring the most significant value out of the courses, obviously by investing time, hard work and commitment.


My time at BBS was an unforgettable experience by meeting an amazing group of people that become my best and life-long friends. All of us were coming from different parts of the world with different backgrounds and cultures, but we were joined together by similar interests and aspirations which made us culturally aware and more appreciative of diversity.


The program was accompanied by demanding courses with amazing professors, who managed to deliver more than expected by combining Italian and International approach to the subjects. During my study, I also had the opportunity to participate in different projects which proved me again that “with great team support, the impossible ways can be made possible”.


I believe that the key to a successful study is the attitude you carry and the passion you put forward. At BBS, I learned to be more open minded, goal focused and flexible. I knew that, of course things would be different here in Italy, but I have learned to embrace these differences. I also knew that problems or conflicts may arise, but I saw these as opportunities for learning.


After my classroom sessions, I got an opportunity to get an internship at Frazer Jones, a very important recruitment firm, part of The SR Group. I was working as HR Resourcer and I am really satisfied and happy that I have achieved my first career move abroad.


Bologna Business School has of course contributed in more than one way to my career and also to my personal growth. Here it is always possible to find people from all over the world who will help you to understand cultural differences. My special thanks are going to the international environment, friends, management and professors who helped me understand different and extraordinary cultures, and also provided me with a solid knowledge and memorable experience.


Sudheer Konduru – India

Full-time Master in HR & Organization – Class 2016/2017


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