[students’ journal] September 2016

1 September 2016

What is it like to be a student at BBS? Here is where they have their say on campus life, tips of Bologna, and much more. Written by and for the Students.

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Begin With A Step

It was a decision made by destiny that of me coming to Bologna and do a Master. Every fortuity has its own reasons and in 6 months I have gotten to know myself from different angles. Starting by taking one step at a time.

This year was unforgettable. I remember the feelings of joy and success shared with my colleagues after our first presentation in front of the board of managers. I also remember how fast we adjusted to the environment, all together supporting each other. We shared not only the authentic and inspirational classrooms of Villa Guastavillani, but also the same ideas and goals. At one point we felt like a family. Probably, like a family from an Italian movie, where family members could hold emotional discussions that last for ages, and immediately after you find them biting off the same piece of pizza, or where they cannot help but laugh at themselves. It has been almost a month since I left “our Bologna”, and I already miss that life.

Most of the professors in Bologna Business School have not only remained in my brain as people who have a lot to say and share, but also in my heart as the wise and open-minded people. I truly appreciate their time and legacy.

My previous work experience and the theoretical knowledge of Human Resources Management I gained at the Bologna Business School have given me the opportunity to join the “UN World Food Program” team. I left Bologna with my luggage filled with knowledge pleading to find its way to practical implementation, with new ideas, with new lifelong friends from all over the globe. And with a reshaped version of myself.

Now I am in Rome, accommodating myself and thinking about the past year with a smile on my face. I am proud to announce that I now participate in the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. The best thing we can do for a brighter future is to start working on ourselves today and asking ourselves: “what step will I take next?”. Only by working together we can lend a helping hand to the ones who need it the most.



Surayya Abbasova
Master in Human Resources & Organization – class 2015/2016


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