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30 October 2015

What is it like to be a student at BBS? Here is where they have their say on campus life, tips of Bologna, and much more. Written by and for the Students.

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Experiencing Italy at its best 

BUSINESS IN FAR EAST IS NOT EASY. We need to establish the expertise on managing Far East region well. I’m coming from Indonesia, one of the “Asian Tigers” countries, and I’m based in the capital, Jakarta (perhaps you will know the Bali Island better). The pharmaceutical Industry in the Far East region is one of the challenging markets. We expect to growth at double digit every year while the competition is harsh and the strategy need to adjust frequently. At same time, many Europe based Multi-National Companies (MNCs) operate there with huge amount of investments. I have a medical professional background with more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. However, in spite of my medical background, in this challenging market, I need to upgrade myself to the next leader in the industry. I need to be a corporate savvy.

MY PERSONAL REASON TO JOIN BBS. The BBS Team gave me a real and tangible MBA program, they advised me with a concentration focused on China/Far East and Europe Business Relations. They already proof that my choice was the right decision. As soon as the first term of lessons started, we had the chance to meet one of the best expert in M&A (Merger & Acquisition) strategies, Mr. Hui Zheng, from Allen and Overy LLP, London Based Company. Mr. Zheng gave a great lecture and he shared his own experience on implementing M&A strategy. The M&A is not common understanding by many managers yet. However, the MBA Lectures series and the China/Far East and Europe Business Relation track confirmed me that I have great tools to start.

THE BEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE. The lecture started with a basic ground and real examples on how to implement M&A strategies. Mr. Zheng pointed out the critical situations and the pros and cons of some strategies and tactics. I also had the opportunity to show my case to Mr. Zheng: how to manage risk in the long run if you consider a short warrant period. Mr. Zheng gave a simple introduction at first and then he opened for further discussion. I brought the Inter Milan acquisition case that took place in 2013: the selling of 70% of the stake to the Indonesian investor Erick Thohir at $480 M (Forbes article). This case caught my attention because the acquisition was run by one of biggest Indonesian business players, Mr. Erick Thohir and the investment in the European football industry was huge coming from the Far East region. It addition, the Inter Milan suffered a potential loss of € 90 M in 2015 (ESPN article). Mr. Zheng clearly pointed out the smart strategy on handling this case since the beginning and the critical decision that needed to applied. In summary, this MBA Lecture taught me that M&A Strategy should be learnt well and should be part of the soft skills for future market leaders. I can’t wait to learn more from the BBS guest speakers to come.

GREAT GROUP IN MY TRACK. I am also thankful to my program track director, Prof. Giorgio Prodi that shared many topics about China Market in our WhatsApp group. Even if his lessons are scheduled in the second term of the MBA program, he is very committed and gives great excitement to our group discussion. Prof. Prodi has highlighted some interesting facts about the industrial sector outlook in China from the Economist and he has also told us about The “Shisanwu” Campaign recently posted in several electronic media.

DRIVE AHEAD AND GET STARTED. I had a really good start at Bologna Business School. I feel that I am driving the Ferrari of the managing challenge situations. I truly recommend other students to live the same experience as I because, in villa Guastavillani, I am experiencing Italy at its best.


Yusrizal Abubakar_Profile_BN

Yusrizal Abubakar – Indonesia
Global MBA China/Far East and Europe Business Relations – class 2015/2016


October 23, 2015

Sono un ragazzo fortunato perché m’hanno regalato un sogno*

In times like these there are people whom, having done something good in their lives and being wealthy, they feel the need to share their good fortune with others. That’s what the entrepreneur Paolo Barletta, son of Raffaele Barletta and founder of the group, did. His initiative was to launch the Myllennium Award with the aim of giving a chance to the “millennials” – the digital generation under 30 – to emerge in the Italian socio-economical context.

I decided to submit my candidacy because I felt I had a lot in common with the profile outlined but I never expected to be one of the finalists. I still remember the day of the award ceremony in Rome. I remember the Cloister of Bramante, an exceptional location, full of young people and characters from the political and economical world that you usually don’t see together. The prize was a full scholarship for a master’s programs at Bologna Business School and so we were very excited.

Since I am here sharing my experience, you can imagine how the story ended, but I would like to give two special thanks. The first one is to Paul Barletta who created this award and I hope that his gesture could be an example for other entrepreneurs: to build a future is not a one man’s job and Paul knows that well. The second thanks is to Prof. Claudio Sartori and those with him that had the foresight to design and structure the Master in Data Science. The revolution that data will bring to our economic and social system are many and to have the tools to understand what will happen is a competitive advantage. We, the lucky students of this first edition, can make the most of this advantage in the professional and the business market.

What else to say? To describe the path that brought me here to Bologna Business School I will use the same words of a song written by a famous Italian singer, Jovanotti: “Sono un ragazzo fortunato perché m’hanno regalato un sogno.”*


*trad.: I’m a lucky guy because they gave me a dream
Copia di Foto Niky Venza
Niky Venza – Italy
Master in Data Science – class 2015/2016



October 23, 2015

Make it possible!

When I created my Facebook account during the first year at the Uni, I never imagined that a few years later the social network would become my future. Understanding those that are your passions and turn them into your profession (this may seem a very common phrase) it is a fundamental principle that everyone should follow.

My story is an example of how to achieve your own ambitions by working hard and with a little bit of luck. All the communication activities have always fascinated me. As a thesis of my bachelor’s degree in contemporary history, I focused on communication and the influence of social opinion. While I was doing the research about the past trends on this topic, my present was Facebook, Twitter, blogs and all the other online platforms. Social networks and the online network have always been something more than just a hobby: I knew what path I would follow for my future.

Right after graduation, I was lucky enough to start working with an online information magazine for young people. I realized, after a while, that the experience of a freelance editor could not satisfy me in the long run. I wanted to learn new techniques and knowledges, which is why I decided to apply for the master’s degree in Marketing, Communication and New Media of the Bologna Business School. The classroom lessons and practical experiences have strengthened my skills, integrated my gaps and expanded my network of contacts. Especially the last one was the key to find my internship project. The relationship with my colleagues, with the professors and with the business world allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I have lived unforgettable moments with my classmates, we worked so hard that every time we were on a break we asked ourselves: “and now without the BBS, what do we do?”


Margherita Morini_profile

Margherita Morini – Italy
Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media – class 2014/2015


October 9, 2015

Like a dream came true!

I’ve attended the Master in Business Management – Food & Wine and after eight months of intense study, I had my internship at Dispensa Emilia – Tigelleria Tradizionale*. My internship was quite unusual, but I rather call it “special”. It gave me many great opportunities to grow professionally and personally as well. During the first four months, I worked in one of the main restaurants in Modena after that I have been transferred to the headquarter’s offices. When my internship was running to its end, the company decided to apply for a call with the goal of  having our own Gourmet Kiosk at the Expo Milano 2015. Therefore, I was asked to stay with them a little longer and become the process owner of this project. We were so happy when, after all our effort and commitment, they told us we won the call!

Now, at nearly one month until the end of the Expo, I’m really satisfied of my internship choice. After a impressing Master Lecture we had with Alfiero Fucelli, the owner of the company, I knew without any doubts that I had to be part of Dispensa Emilia. My perseverance and my efforts have been recognized by my employers and they consider me now a reference point for the company.
I believe that I found my way and I really enjoy the work I do. They have proposed me come back to the headquarter’s offices but I think the direct contact with our customers is crucial for my job. For this reason, after the Expo, I’ll be working in the new restaurant opening in Modena in October.

If you have a dream and you fight for it, sooner or later, all you efforts will be repaid and it will be like a dream came true!



Ilaria Festa Caputo – Italy
Master in Business Management – Food & Wine – class 2013/2014


*Tigella is a type of bread typical of the Modena Apennines. Tigelle are traditionally consumed by cutting them in half and being filled with pesto and Parmesan cheese or with cold meats, cheeses, vegetables and other sauces.



October 2, 2015

What BBS means to me?

I would like to tell you about my experience as a student of Marketing, Communication and New Media, to share what I have made off this past year and to encourage other people like me to take this course. I could write about the usual stuff: the excellence of the professors, the amazing courses, the stimulating environment, the job network and opportunities and blah blah blah…”. Pretty much what every student who just graduated at uni and have no clue about what to do next would like to hear, right? Well, I could write everything mentioned above and even more, but that wouldn’t add anything personal to this “personal experience” statement. So let’s try something different.

What is BBS to me? I thought about it a lot, and I realized that the answer doesn’t lie exclusively on the great lectures I attended there, the beauty of the school or the amazing sense of life that the city of Bologna spreads all over the place. The answer is far more hidden than that. BBS to me is opportunity. Opportunity to learn more in a completely different and engaging new way. Opportunity to meet new people, international people, and to build strong relations of mutual respect and cooperation with them in order to achieve things with them. Opportunity to work under pressure. Opportunity to understand how the “real world out there” might actually work, and opportunity to demonstrate what really is your value out there.

So, in my opinion, in the end is all about opportunity; the school provides you with the right opportunities to grow personally and professionally, but is up to you to decide whether trying to grab them or not. I feel I did my best to perceive this opportunities during my stay at the Bologna Business School, and now I’m currently completing my internship at Webranking, an online marketing agency top of its kind, which is exactly where I wanted to go.

So, was I convincing enough? Will you give BBS a shot? Or perhaps my marketing skills need some improvement? 😉


MMCNM_Francesco Storchi_Profile

Francesco Strocchi – Italy
Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media – class 2014/2015


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