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11 March 2016

What is it like to be a student at BBS? Here is where they have their say on campus life, tips of Bologna, and much more. Written by and for the Students.

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The road to Bologna Business School (BBS)

My road to BBS was longer than most and at 42 years of age, I am already older than most of my colleagues to begin with.  Shortly after application and acceptance to the class of 2014/2015, life took an unexpected detour.  My otherwise healthy, energetic mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which depended on intensive chemotherapy and an eventual bone marrow transplant.
At the time, I was living in Sweden and my mother was in the United States.  It was clear to me that I would not be focused on BBS if I were to begin during this period. Therefore, I made the decision to delay and re-apply for the 2015/2016 academic year. I am studying at BBS now and I share my story because I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.
Unfortunately, I lost my mother at the end of September, 2014 but this loss has profoundly shaped who I am and how I view my world.  I feel more grateful, more grounded, and more certain I am exactly where I need to be and with the people I need to be with.   My Bologna adventure may have begun one year later than planned but it began with a special trip with my father who had never been outside of the United States.  Together we made a cycling tour of Tuscany and a general tour of my new surroundings.
After this two wheeled adventure, the class of 2015/2016 kicked off the academic year and I have since met some of the most amazing people that will forever be dear to me.  Though the road may have been long, I am grateful to be in Bologna, studying at BBS, and supported by the best team of people one could hope for.


Monica Hunsberger

Monica Lynn Hunsberger – USA
Global MBA Food and Wine


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