[students’ journal] Manuel Gaetano Cutaia: “A year to fall in love with Made in Italy”

21 September 2017

My name is Manuel Gaetano Cutaia and I come from Enna, Sicily. I am attending the Made in Italy track of the Full Time Business Management Master’s course. My academic path, together with an experience in a communication agency, have been the first milestone to be able to crown my dream of working in marketing one day.

I chose to attend a Master because I thought it was the ideal path to learn the basics that would allow me to project myself in the best way in the world of work, as our universities often provide us with a lot of theoretical knowledge but very little practice.

In my quest for the right Master, I have focused on some of the most important aspects for me: professors who are theoretically prepared and, above all, with a long way of practical experience, useful and stimulating courses, a network with large local companies and finally an enriching environment. I decided to choose Bologna Business School because it summed up all these features perfectly.

When you enter the beautiful school headquarters, Villa Guastavillani, you really feel the desire to immerse yourself in that context. In the corridors you breathe air of entrepreneurship, while the staff is solar and always available. Already at the entrance test I understood that it was to be my school.

My BBS experience was absolutely positive and the Master in Business Management was a choice I would make 100 more times. Such an experience can shape you to enter the company but also prepare you to start your own business.

All the courses have a practical twist. The projects, moreover, are fundamental to put into practice all the acquired knowledge. The teaching methodology is structured in a way that even those who do not have a background in economics can make the most profit possible, obviously by investing a lot of commitment and passion. A challenging year, but I would recommend it to anyone.

The Made in Italy path brings you close to Italian excellences, to get know them and make you fall in love more and more with this wonderful country that lives of quality, beauty and design. But also sacrifice, innovation and research, in order to be the best in the world.

Bologna is a vibrant, artistic, operative and, sometimes, frantic city that puts at ease everyone that chooses to change life, to make a career. I felt welcome, almost at home.

Bologna Business School has forged me in a competent, ready and confident person in a very short time, and has strengthened my will to continue in this area.

Thanks BBS.


Master in Business Management / Made in Italy – Class 2016/2017


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