[students’ journal] May 2017

30 May 2017

My name is Andrew de Villiers and I’m from South Africa. I am doing the Global MBA, with a specialization in Sustainable Business.

Prior to my MBA, I had five years of experience in the environmental consulting sector. My last position was as a Managing Director of a freshwater consulting company.

The two main reasons I decided to undertake my MBA were: 1) I have always had an affinity towards business management and wanted to enhance my knowledge and skill set in this area; and 2) I experienced an accelerated career and realized that I would like to branch out into other industries and sectors and that an MBA was a good vehicle for this pivot.

​I found out about the MBA through an online search. The four main reasons why I chose BBS are:

  • the courses offered were relatively unique and interested me;
  • it has an international accreditation;
  • the school offers full scholarships; and
  • it is in Italy (with all that it has to offer)

My year in Bologna has been personally enriching, academically empowering and socially enlightening.

My highlights of the year include traveling with my wife and friends when we had free time, a number of the courses (particularly, the finance and various strategy courses), and the connections I’ve made.

This MBA is unique in that it truly is global, with classmates from all over the world. It is further enhanced by its Italian context and by being in such a beautiful setting.

The MBA further developed my business thinking and broadened by career horizons. It exposed me to unique opportunities and experiences. The courses have given me confidence to pursue my passions and make a career out of them.


MBA Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses – 2016/2017


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