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29 January 2016

What is it like to be a student at BBS? Here is where they have their say on campus life, tips of Bologna, and much more. Written by and for the Students.

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January 29, 2016

Application Process

Allora… what is my experience so far as a student of the Global MBA even though I am still quite fresh in Bologna?
I still remember that day when I applied for the course. After a wide web search on various MBA programs and deep contemplation, I decided to apply for the afore-mentioned course.
The reason was dual: first, it perfectly matched with my background and professional aspirations; and second, the course has a competitive curriculum that would empower my career development and provide me with the framework to utilize my full potentials.
And indeed, so far the classes that I am currently attending have already enabled me to develop essential managerial skills necessary to the effective financing and delivery of complex projects. Now, with regards to the application process and first days in Bologna, thanks to the very competent and well-organized international office, everything went very smoothly.

We were given various leaflets and advise on practical issues (i.e. open bank account) that come in very handy for students who come from abroad. And talking about foreign students, Bologna is a very welcoming and cozy student city that gives you the opportunity to really live the authentic Italian experience. I am already confident that my personal experience in Bologna will be extremely exciting, fun, and valuable for both my studies and overall personal development, as it has proved so far.


Apostolos Paidakakis

Apostolos Paidakakis – Greece

Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses – class 2015/2016


Aiming the Goal

My desire to study international business came up during a long and unexpected journey across the dunes of the African desert. The year just ended was a special year to me, definitely not easy but crucial for pursuing new challenges and going beyond.

It all started while I was working for the operations of the food distribution in emerging countries when I realized that the awareness and sensitivity about the dynamics of international companies have considerably increased. The experiences I’ve had in Lebanon and in Sudan as responsible to train local workers to start up the operations for the new food supply contracts to the UN troops were really important to understand what was supposed to be my next step.

I must say that the intense work periods and studies performed in North Africa and Middle East have certainly contributed to my professional growth. They allowed me to learn about different realities from different perspectives. In fact, to be innovative it’s, indeed, a matter of adapting your mentality to specific contexts. That’s what I found in my MBA classmates: new resources in which I can continue to grow, developing strong and collaborative relationships.

Today, my goal is to learn the tools necessary to succeed in all my future projects. After just a few months from the beginning of the Master I cannot say how far the destination is, or how long it will take to get there, but it is certain that I will cross new horizons with the Global MBA experience.


Students Journal_MBA IM_Corrado Puppo_profile

Corrado Puppo – Italy
Global MBA Innovation Management – class 2015/2016


January 8, 2016

My Bologna, My MBA!

I arrived in Bologna in September 2015 feeling extremely aware that I was an international student far away from the city I called home.

A few months later, I now call Bologna my city, Bologna Business School my workstation (metaphorically) and Google translate the best friend I ever had! (Italian as a language is very beautiful but also a little challenging to master!)

Overall my transition to full-time student has been extremely smooth and I now feel very comfortable here. It helps that Bologna as a city is very beautiful with all the elements of the rich Italian culture visible: good food, beautiful architecture, nice paintings and the vibrancy associated with a university city.

In my opinion, however, the standout has got to be the MBA program itself. With a diverse class of enthusiastic young professionals, engaging professors always willing to provide guidance, guest speakers and an exciting list of events organized for the community of BBS; it is hard not to be impressed!

Students Journal_MBA CF_Davode Otoa_pofile

David Andrew Otoa – Uganda
Global MBA Corporate Finance – class 2015/2016


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