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12 February 2016

What is it like to be a student at BBS? Here is where they have their say on campus life, tips of Bologna, and much more. Written by and for the Students.

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Shark Tank

Although he didn’t enter the class with a baby in his arms*, Professor Sydney Engelberg** wasn´t less surprising. Conducting us to the fascinating world of group-social cognition, and it´s tricky role in decision making and strategy failure, this is the kind of professor that you can’t decide if to stare, take notes, clap or record!
Spiced with references from business, history and science, this intensive Global Strategy course was literally a journey that challenged our minds but also…. our guts!

Third week of the program, first official presentation, eight sharks in a row! As part of the closing, five groups of students of the BBS new born International Master in Human Resources & Organization, participated in a Shark Tank Session (Shark Tank is an American reality television series where aspiring entrepreneur-contestants make business presentations to a panel of “shark” investors). The task was to identify different strategies to spread the Nokia Global values across all its subsidiaries. Our Sharks: a board of eight managers -Executive MBA BBS Alumni- that virtually represented the board of Nokia. They had to challenge and judge our HR strategy proposals.

After the flow of presentations, Professor Engelberg and the board handed some useful critics to prompt our (brilliant) career, so despite the anxiety shock…an interesting learning experience. So thanks to Professor for his commitment, Director Gabriele Morandin for inviting him, and the board for taking its time to listen to the newbies shrinking.
And last but not least, special congratulations to all the class presenting teams. Fasten your seatbelts folks…It seems the journey has just started!


Students Journal_OHRM_Priscila di Stefano_profile

Priscila Distefano – Argentina
Master in Human Resources & Organization – class 2015/2016


* Dr. Engelberg became viral on social media after he took into his arms an infant of one of his students who began crying uncontrollably during class. See CNN online article on this subject: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/05/18/living/professor-baby-viral-feat/

Professor profile: http://www.gratz.edu/faculty/entry/dr.-sydney-engelberg


Ph. Thank you Andres Ruiz (classmate) for the selfie.


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