[students’ journal] Dario Lujic: “Bologna was a great experience from the beginning”

22 August 2017

My name is Dario Lujic and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. At BBS I follow the Global MBA Program specializing in Green Energy and Sustainability. This program complements my previous qualifications and experience due to my Degree in Safety and Environment Protection coupled with my earlier experience in the Energy Sector and International Engagement in crisis areas. After finishing my Mission for the International Forces in Afghanistan I joined a company operating in the Energy Sector in my home country. My plans were to continue my academic development by taking a suitable Master Degree Program. In this search I got information through my LinkedIn Profile about Bologna Business School and was immediately interested in Renewable Energy & Sustainability Track. Since similar programs were difficult to find I decided to enter the application process and was accepted which was the start of my BBS experience. Bologna was a great experience from the beginning. It started by meeting an amazing group of people that become my best friends. All of us coming from different parts of the world and with different backgrounds were joined together by similar interests and aspirations. This was accompanied by demanding and time consuming courses with amazing lecturers who managed to deliver required materials by combining Italian and International approach to the subjects. As a highlight of the year for me, I would mention the Corporate Finance course, which was immaculately delivered by Professor E.Bajo as well as, other courses organised and delivered by great lecturers. Italian experience and exposure to International Environment together with Career Development Activities, that school organised, are the best elements of this year. Bologna Business School gave me an opportunity to get the Internationally Recognised Degree, which will enable me to take my career a step further and helped me expanding my Business Management Skills. Contacts and network created during my time at BBS are already proving to be valuable and I am sure this will become even more significant for my future career. Dario Lujic – Bosnia and Herzegovina Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses – Class of 2016/2017


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